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Sticky Screen Cleaner: Brand Awareness Magic

Every marketer wants to find that magic formula to reduce costs and increase brand awareness. At Pristine Screens, we aim to help you do just that with custom-branded sticky screen cleaners.

In a recent survey of marketers in business-to-consumer organizations, 79% of marketing professionals ranked brand awareness as the top organizational goal.

Everyone wants it. How do you get it?


Sometimes the simplest answers really are right in front of your eyes. In this case, literally.

By the end of 2014, mobile phones will outnumber people in the world. The tablet has grown from its launch just a few years ago to consume over half of the global market in personal computers. Our phones and tablets are far more powerful than the supercomputers of just a couple of decades ago.

With all of that computing power at our fingertips, it’s no wonder you rarely see a hand without a device in it.

What does that mean for you as a B2C marketer? Opportunity.

With your custom-branded sticky screen cleaner, you can broaden your reach to your target audience exponentially. Our microfiber touch screen cleaners adhere to the back of any mobile device and allow your potential customers to easily and quickly clean the dirty smudges off their screens. Your brand benefits from being attached to the back of that device for everyone in their daily life to see.

Put  your logo or branded message on display all day!


Our sticky screen cleaners are made from high quality microfiber material that can be reused hundreds to thousands of times by your potential clients and customers.

To experience for yourself how convenient and easy-to-use our products are, fill out our sample request form today. You will see what hundreds of other companies have already seen – magic marketing potential!

Take advantage of our free digital proofs, discounted bulk pricing, and lightning fast delivery today!

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