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Your Direct Source for Custom Microfiber Cloth, Screen Cleaner Stickers, Webcam Covers, Microfiber Towels & More!

Pristine Screens Products



Pristine Screen Cleaner Stickers™

How do the Screen Cleaner Stickers™ work?

Our screen cleaner stickers adhere to the back of any mobile device, tablet or personal electronic device without leaving a sticky residue due to our Multilayer Adhesion Technology™.

They are washable and reusable. You simply pull the microfiber sticker from the back of your device and wipe away fingerprints, makeup, dirt, and oily smudges. Our stick-on phone screen cleaners are specifically designed to safely and effectively remove 99.7% of germs and bacteria.

Pristine Privacy Cleaners™

What are Pristine Privacy Cleaner Stickers™?

A webcam cover and microfiber screen cleaner sticker all-in-one. Similar to our Sticky Clean™ only made to fit over your webcam. Unlike traditional webcam covers that stick to your device with a harsh glue adhesive that leaves a residue, our Pristine Privacy Cleaners™ gently stick and peel to your devices thanks to our Multilayer Adhesion Technology™.

Just like our Screen Cleaner Stickers™, they are washable and reusable. You simply pull the Privacy Cleaner Sticker™ off your webcam and wipe away fingerprints, dirt, and oily smudges. Our stick-on privacy screen cleaners are specifically designed to safely and effectively remove 99.7% of germs and bacteria.

Pristine Microfiber Cloths™

Your glasses, electronic screens and camera lens all need special care so they do not get scratched and stay pristine. Even something as harmless as cleaning the screen of your phone with the wrong product can cause permanent damages.

Using rough fabrics like cotton or paper can scuff up glasses, while using chemical treated wipes can bee too harsh for the color display and touch sensitivities or your tablet or any other touchscreens. You need a cleaning cloth that won’t scratch! Pristine Screens Microfiber Cloths™ offer such a convenience.

Our Pristine Microfiber Cloths™ not only clean, but are also fully customizable and can be imprinted with your logo, just the way you want it! They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, print types, add ons and various packaging options. They’re great for swag, corporate gifts, trade shows and client giveaways. Whatever your cell phone cleaning wipes needs are, we are confident our highly customizable options have what you are looking for and will be a great way to get your business branded.

Custom microfiber cloths add your full color logo

Pristine Microfiber Towels™

One eye catching game changer to consider when building your custom Pristine Microfiber Towel™ is how to display your brand, logo and printed graphics to give your business the exact representation you envision!

From embossing for a sleek, minimalistic look, to vivid multi-colored prints and design, your Custom Pristine Microfiber Towel™ is sure to impress! Our Pristine Microfiber Towels™ come in a variety of microfiber options from chamois, standard microfiber and our NEW Pristine Profect Towel™. Pristine Microfiber Towels™ can be used to clean a multitude of devices, surfaces, and objects. Use them to clean eyeglasses, digital screens, camera lenses, and cars.

Pristine Sanitizing Screen Wipes™

Our Pristine Sanitizing Screen Wipes™ are made of the highest quality ingredients and materials. Our sanitizing screen wipes sanitize and remove contaminants from your cell phone, tablet screens and are safe for other screen types, camera lenses, eyeglasses and more! Each of our boxes of sanitizing screen cleaning wipes come with our Pristine Microfiber Cloth™ that is made with the highest quality of blended microfiber material to polish your screen after sanitizing it.

Pristine Screens Sanitizing Screen Wipes™ are a perfect addition to any one of our other custom promotional products. Include them with a custom screen cleaner sticker, webcam cover, microfiber cloth, or microfiber towel. All Pristine Screens Products are compact, accessible and designed to go together as a package deal. Ask your Pristine Account Manager for a recommended quantity and personalization!

Pristine Direct Mailers™

Take your promotion one step further with a personal bottle hanger, door hanger or custom card from your business! Our Pristine Direct Mailers™ pair great with any of our other Pristine Screens promo items.

Create a ever lasting impression and build more loyalty to your clients or guests with our custom Pristine Direct Mailers™. Speak to your Pristine Account Manager to see what Pristine Products would pair best with your custom direct mailer.


Microfiber Blend

Our products are made with a high quality 100% microfiber blend that is safe on all screens and wipes away unwanted oil and dirt on phones, tablets, computers, glasses, lenses and more. Get cloths, towels, laptop camera covers and more today!

FREE Digital Mockups

We want your promotional products to be as pristine as they can be and just the way you want it. Our in-house graphic design team provides as many digital mockups as you need. No matter what Pristine Product you choose, digital mockups come completely complimentary.

Pristine Screens Unlimited Promotional Product Choices

Unlimited Promo Product Choices

When we say we can customize anything, we mean it! Need something other than laptop camera covers and cloths? Just ask your Pristine Account Manager and we will get you exactly what you're looking for with our extensive promotional product options.

Cost Effective Promotional Products

Cost Effective Marketing

Build brand recognition, gain prospects and upkeep customer loyalty with your custom promotional products. With our low cost per unit, our Pristine Promotional Products are affordable for any corporation or special event. That means more money for the things that matter!

Any Color

Unlimited Color Printing Options

Unlike other printing companies, we want you to showcase your brand, logo and other artwork to its highest potential! No matter how many colors you choose to print, there's no limit to the amount of colors you'd like to print, at no additional cost!

Pristine Screens Multiple Packaging Options

Customizable Packaging Options

Take your custom promotional product to the next level! Pair your Pristine Promotional Product with a personalized and custom packaging option. Besides the lasting impression achieved with your high quality, personalized packaging, you are offered more brand visibility when your customer reuses your custom packaging.

Various Printing Options

All of our products can be printed in many different ways and in any color you need. Ask us for our recommendation for any one of our products. Our custom printed cloths, webcam covers, stick on screen cleaners and other promotional products are waiting for you.

Multi-Purpose Products

The combination of non-residue adhesive materials and advanced oil absorbing compounds allows for thousands of uses, ensuring convenience and saving you money.

Lighting Fast Customer Service

We pride ourselves on quick and personalized experiences. As well as being US-based with international shipping. Work hands-on with our design team and receive speedy delivery of your Pristine products!


Whether you’re looking to enhance your brand with a screen cleaner sticker or you want to sell our other fully customizable products in your store, there are limitless ways for you to Pristine. Order our branded cloths, sanitizing wipes and laptop camera covers in bulk on in specific quantities through our online store. 

We are a single manufacturer with a in-house graphic design team. Our specialities are the original Sticky Clean™, cleaning cloths along with Privacy Cleaners™. We also offer promotional products that are entirely customizable and unique to your brand. By choosing Pristine Screens for your promotional products, you are providing your business with endless possibilities backed by complete partner loyalty.


Pristine Screens is a promotional product business that specializes in custom microfiber products like screen cleaners, lens and glasses cleaning cloths, web cam covers and more. Since 2011, we have helped companies in all industries showcase their brands in unique ways that result in lasting impressions.

Our services come equipped with the highest quality materials, a simple 3-step ordering process and international shipping backed by an in-house graphic design team and the best customer service in the industry.

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