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Custom Microfiber Cloths & Personalized Lens Cleaning Cloths

Inspire your marketing efforts with high-quality, customizable clothes featuring endless options for personal touches


Our Custom Cloth Designs



Our standard packaging option includes individually wrapped custom microfiber cloths and bundled in a poly wrapping with 50 units per bundle. It is a simple but effective way to showcase your brand with your personalized microfiber cloths.


With our PVC Pouch option, you'll have a durable and reusable pouch that always displays your logo upon receipt.

True RCM Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Keychain


The keychain option has your cloth sewn into a keychain pouch, allowing your microfiber lens cleaning cloth to travel with your customers wherever they go.

Box Packaging for Custom Microfiber Cloths


Options are limitless when you choose the custom packaging options for your cloths! We offer anything from biodegradable to classic cardboard packaging. Ask us for a recommendation for which packaging option would work best for your budget & needs.

Graphic Proofs Icon

Unlimited Digital Mockups

Our in-house graphic design team provides digital mockups as needed to ensure they are as Pristine™ as possible. Want to create your designs? Don't hesitate to contact one of our in-house graphic designers to obtain your cloth design template.

Pristine Screens Multiple Packaging Options

Fully Customizable Packaging

Take your promotional microfiber cleaning cloth to the next level and pair your cleaning cloth with a fully customized package. Whether you are looking for a biodegradable packaging option or classic cardboard packaging, we have everything you need to showcase your promotional microfiber cleaning cloth!

Any Color Icon

Full-Color Printing

Unlike other printing companies, showcase your brand to its highest potential. So if you wish to print an image, logo, or another form of media art, our promotional microfiber cleaning cloths are printed in full color, at no additional cost, only at Pristine Screens™.

Pristine Screens Unlimited Promotional Product Choices

Unlimited Options

When we say we can customize anything, we mean it! Need something more than microfiber cloths? We have over 1.2 million other promotional items at your expense. Speak to a Pristine Screens Associate to learn more and get alternative recommendations.

Lightning Fact Icon

Easy to Use

Swipe your microfiber cleaning cloth across the screen or the desired surface of your choice, and all done! So easy, anyone can stay smudge and smear-free with our microfiber cloths!

Pristine Screens Multi Purpose Promotional Products Icon

Multi-Purpose & Reusable

Our microfiber cleaning cloths are ideal for almost all surfaces, including cell phone, tablets, laptops, eyeglass cleaning, lenses, & so much more! In addition, our lens cloths can be hand-washed and air-dried for reuse.

Microfiber Blend Icon

Microfiber Material

We pride ourselves on using only top-of-the-line microfiber materials to prevent scratching on any screen. Printing your brand on any microfiber material ensures a unique experience for any consumer. Need any assistance? We'll support your business in every design step, ensuring each cloth meets your specifications.

Multiple Printing Options Icon

Various Printing Methods

Full-color printing ability, your custom-printed microfiber cloths can be printed in several ways. Ask us for recommendations.


Fully customize your microfiber cloth & leave a long-lasting impression with limitless colors, styles & possibilities!

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Standard Colors

Packaging Options

Your Pristine Cloth, distributed in style.

Free Paper card
The Pristine Screens free standard paper card is an excellent opportunity to provide your clients with additional information about the product while getting your name out there. Each card is packaged individually, wrapped in cellophane with the cleaner attached to the card inside.
Pristine Screens Sticky Cleaner
Custom Paper Card​
The perfect option if you’re looking to add a little extra “WOW” to your marketing materials. Companies often include promotional materials, contact information, marketing strategies, QR codes and more. 100% customizable designed just for you by your dedicated Pristine Screens graphic designer.
Custom Microfiber Cloth Designing Step 1 - Choose Material
Custom Microfiber Cloth Designing Step 2 - Choose Your Custom Size Cloth
Custom Microfiber Cloth Designing Step 3 - Choose Edge Style
Custom Microfiber Cloth Designing Step 4 - Choose Packaging Option