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Personalized Towels with Logo for Multi-Use Cleaning


A few ways to make your personalized towels your own

Custom Shapes & Edges

Choose from a multitude of fabric thickness, edging, stitching and shape options for your Custom Microfiber Towel! Now introducing our NEW Profect Towel-a Towel with the same use capabilities, but in a compressed thickness allowing for extra printing versatility!

Custom Sizing

Our Consulting and Design Professionals at
Pristine Screens work as a team to guide you throughout
the entire selection process! From proper sizing dimensions, to packaging to best showcase your product and brand, we help you create your perfect Custom Microfiber Towel!

Custom Prints & Embossing

One eye catching game changer to consider when
building your Custom Microfiber Towel is how to display your Brand Logo and Printed Graphics to give your business the exact representation you envision! From Embossing for a sleek, minimalistic look, to vivid multicolored prints and design, your Custom Microfiber Towel is sure to impress!


Your Pristine Towels-distributed in style!

Want Something Different? We Got You.

Packaging Options

Your Pristine Towel, distributed in style.

Free Paper card
The Pristine Screens free standard paper card is an excellent opportunity to provide your clients with additional information about the product while getting your name out there. Each card is packaged individually, wrapped in cellophane with the cleaner attached to the card inside.
Custom Paper Card​
The perfect option if you’re looking to add a little extra “WOW” to your marketing materials. Companies often include promotional materials, contact information, marketing strategies, QR codes and more. 100% customizable designed just for you by your dedicated Pristine Screens graphic designer.

Cellophane Wrapped

This standard packaging option includes individually
wrapped custom microfiber towels-an easy way to
effectively display your brand. The Standard Packing is efficient and effective, but is only the beginning of the possibilities you have or displaying and distributing your product! If you're wanting something a little more personalized for your Custom Towels, ask your Pristine
Account Manager to expand upon your options for you!

Keychain or PVC Pouch

For a Sleek and Unique packaging option for your Custom
Microfiber Towel, there is a reusable PVC Pouch that always displays your Logo prominently! A Keychain Option allows your Custom Towel to be attached to a multitude of objects, allowing endless visibility for your Logo! The Towel is sewn into a Keychain Pouch
for easy storage and portability.

Custom Box

Kick your personalization up a notch with our custom box
option for your Pristine Towels! Our Design Team works with your Pristine Screens Account Manager on exact specifications and graphics for your Custom Box packaging to ensure your Custom Towel is dressed to impress! The reusability of your Custom Box boosts
repeated visibility of your Logo as well!


Your Pristine Screens towels do the work for you, where ever your customers are

Surfaces like our screens, lenses, eye glasses, event vehicles need cleaning. Even something as harmless as cleaning the screen of your phone with the wrong product can prove detrimental to your phone’s productivity. Using rough fabrics like cotton or paper can scuff up glasses, while using chemical treated wipes can be too harsh for the color display and touch sensitivities of your tablet. You need a custom glasses cleaning towel that won’t scratch.

Pristine Screens towels come in a variety of sizes, printing options and more. They’re perfect for swag, corporate gifts, trade shows and client giveaways. Whatever your cell phone cleaning wipes needs are, we are confident our highly customizable options have what you are looking for and will be a great way to get your business branded. Ask your Pristine Account Manager for more information on our screen cleaners for cell phones, tablets, laptops and beyond. ASI supplier. 




Our personalized microfiber towels are ideal for various surfaces, including phone screens, tablets, computers, vehicle headlights and more!

Custom Microfiber Cloths
Microfiber Material

We pride ourselves on using only top of the line material to prevent scratching and to ensure the best promotional cleaning product.


Like our cloths, our towels are can also be personalized and unique to you. Request any color, any size and add a personal touch with your logo and imagery.

Easy to Use

Simply wipe your custom microfiber towels across the screen or desired surface, and done! Once you're done, give your branded cleaning towel a quick wash and it's good to go for hundreds of other uses.


Any Size

Looking for a specific towel size?  Pristine Screens can handle any size. Whether small, large or a variety of sizes, get in touch with us to order your bulk microfiber towels.

Gift Giveaways

Every phone, lens or surface needs a quality cleaning. Give your customers custom microfiber cloths with your personal touch. 

Trade Shows

Events like trade shows are the perfect opportunity to hand out bulk microfiber towels to get your name across. Up your swag and presence at any event with our personalized Pristine Screens product.

Marketing your business has never been easier with Pristine towels. Looking to take a large amount to a company event or trade show? Luckily, we offer bulk products that are durable and company, so you can take them with you anywhere. Easily place your order to a Pristine Account Manager and let your brand do the talking. 

Additionally, our towels make great gifts for potential customers and current clients! Use our branded towels as swag to hand out at any event or store front. Pristine Screens personalized towels will easily spread the word of your business while improving company branding. Get creative with your wholesale microfiber towels by uploading personal company photos or client submitted work when you submit your order!