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Effective Marketing Strategies for Your Small Business

As mobile devices become more prevalent, the marketing landscape is changing dramatically. Consumers no longer trust or look to older forms of marketing such as TV or print ads.


Through internet search and social media, consumers are in greater control over the information they receive every day. Older, standby methods like direct mail and outbound calls won’t get you the leads you want.

Today’s marketing challenge is reaching and staying visible to your target market.


Most customers don’t make a buying decision the first time they come into contact with your brand. Studies show that it takes several touches with your brand before the customer will make that buying decision. Our tips for keeping your brand in your customers’ minds:

  1. Consistently be where your customers are.
  2. Give them something of value.
  3. Begin to build a relationship of trust with their first interaction with your brand.
  4. Establish repeated points of contact.
  5. Show your innovation!


Innovative promotional products can help you achieve all of these goals!

At Pristine Screens, we provide your small business with high quality, custom branded promotional products to keep your brand in front of your customers day in and day out. Our stick on screen cleaners attach directly to your customers’ phones and mobile devices. Your brand stays in their sight and mind every time they reach for their device, and your brand flashes in front of every associate or stranger that they come into contact with.

With one small promotional product, your marketing dollars increase exponentially!

Do you want to take control of your marketing strategies and keep your brand as visible as possible? Call us today at 800-540-5971 or contact Pristine Screens for your free sample of our stick on screen cleaners.

Get your free digital proofs, unlimited proof revisions, and lightning fast delivery for your customized order!

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