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Developing Your Business-to-Consumer Marketing Strategy

No two marketing strategies can be exactly alike when you are marketing to the consumer because no two buyers are exactly the same. At Pristine Screens, we understand the challenges of perfecting your pitch to the right buyers at the right time. Our products, like the custom-branded microfiber phone cleaner, can help you get your message in front of those individuals with the buying power.


When you begin developing your overall marketing strategy, you have to take the big picture approach and consider all relevant factors, such as:

  • Knowing your target audience
  • Cultivating brand awareness
  • Building brand loyalty

How much time and attention you give to each of these elements will directly affect how successful your campaign is. Be where your audience is to see the greatest impact for your marketing dollars.


Sometimes it can seem like consumers are a fickle lot. They make seemingly instantaneous buying decisions. It can be tough to gauge what they are basing their purchase decisions on. When making your marketing plan consider:

  • the short buying cycle, catch those impulse buys
  • the importance of trusting your brand
  • the customer service you provide to support your products or services
  • the number of touch points you have with each potential customer

The more often you can get your brand in front of your target audience, the more likely they are to think of you during those impulse purchase moments. Or for services, the more likely they will dial your number when they need what you can provide!


Hundreds of companies have already experienced the boost in ROI that Pristine Screens’ products can provide. Our microfiber mobile device cleaners allow you to keep your brand in the forefront of your customers’ minds!

Get started on the road to higher brand visibility with our microfiber phone cleaners and sticky phone cleaners. Simply fill out our sample request form today or call 800-540-5971 to speak with one of our account managers.

We offer all customers free digital proofs, discounted bulk pricing, and lightning fast delivery! 

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