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Tradeshow Giveaways That Show Your Clients You Care

How many pens have you gotten over the years at trade shows? Do you remember any of them? Did you keep them or did they get lost in the bottom of your trade show bag?

The Pitfalls of Common Giveaways

Common giveaways like that don’t get your business remembered. They don’t send the message to your customer that you put any thought into their needs. And if you can’t be bothered to think about them when you are trying to earn their business, then how are they going to be convinced that you will take their needs into consideration at any other point in your business relationship?

Giving your customers and clients thoughtful, custom-branded giveaways sends the message that you actually do consider their needs. And if you consider their needs for something as small as a memorable giveaway at a trade show, then you will likely consider their needs when they come to your business. Simple as that.

Use Trade Show Giveaways to Begin the Business Relationship

Any businessperson will tell you that customer relationships are key to a thriving company. Starting that relationship with the right first impression will help you solidify trust early on, making it easier to build on from there.

The right choice for trade show giveaways can make that impression for you.

To ensure that your company is remembered, give your clients a product they can use. When you hand them a microfiber screen cleaner, they won’t just toss it into their bag never to be seen again. They will remark how cool it looks and often ask if it’s reusable. Of course it is!

Once you explain how useful your giveaway is, you can start explaining how great your company is. Odds are that they will be much more willing to listen because you’ve broken the ice and given them a useful and unique present.

Impress your clients with a thoughtful gift, and they will think more of you and your business.

You can see for yourself how convenient and useful our microfiber screen cleaners are, and experience what your customers will experience when you give them a thoughtful gift at your next trade show. Contact Pristine Screens today at 800-540-5971 for your free sample of our sticky screen cleaners. We offer custom-branded products with bulk order pricing. Call today!

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