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How are you branding your company? Are you staying on top of the trends?

Everyone wants to stay on top of promotional product trends. It’s important to make sure your company is handing out the custom-branded product that everyone wants.

What Does Everyone Want?

Right now, everyone wants customized sticky screen cleaners.


Because not only are they a great value for your marketing dollars, they are actually used by the customers you hand them to.

That is a key component to any promotional product you choose. It doesn’t do your business any good if the product you give away ends up in a drawer or worse, the trash. Your marketing dollars shouldn’t be wasted. Even when products like sticky screen cleaners seem like the hottest choice around, you still want to make sure it will meet your marketing needs.

How Does It Benefit Your Business?

Important questions to ask about the latest trending promotional products are:

  • Does this product get my company the visibility I want?
  • Does this product represent my company in a flattering manner?
  • Does this product help my customer or client?
  • Does this product give me a good value for my investment?

Fortunately, sticky screen cleaners serve all of those purposes.

Because the product sticks to the back of your customers’ phones, tablets, or computers, your company gains a high rate of visibility. How often do you see someone else’s mobile device in everyday life? All the time! Your company logo could be right there for everyone else to see too.

The sleek, high quality microfiber material reflects the professional business image you want your customers to remember. And the thoughtfulness of giving your customers and clients something they can actually use will stick with them – both in their minds and on their phones.

Sticky screen cleaners from Pristine Screens are reusable hundreds, even thousands of times. Everyone wants a screen free of dirt and smudges. Our microfiber cleaners allow your clients to have that at their fingertips.

And the best part for your marketing budget is the great return you get on your marketing dollars! We offer custom branding with digital proofs and special pricing on bulk orders.

If you want to hand out one of the hottest promotional products around and be remembered by your customers, contact Pristine Screens today at 800-540-5971 for your free sample of our custom-branded microfiber sticky screen cleaners. 

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