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Stick it, Peel it, Pristine it with an Adhesive Screen Cleaner from Pristine Screens

How many electronic items are in the average American home right now? Your list may look something like this:

·         Multiple cell phones

·         TV’s

·         Laptops

·         Desktops

·         Handheld gaming devices

·         iPods

·         iPads

·         e-Readers

A New Kind of Guessing Game

If the exercise above felt a little like a guessing game, that is the point. The only difference is your estimation is based on household electronics, not on jelly beans in a jar.  Looking at the list above, one thing is very clear: we live in a tech-dependent society.

You are not about to read an anti-technology tirade; quite the opposite. Technology has opened up a lot of otherwise inaccessible doors. It has helped us come up with unique solutions to everyday problems and it is a field that is always growing and advancing.

The interesting thing is while technology grows and gets more complex, most of us would agree that taking care of our devices should be simple. In fact, Pristine Screens founded an entire company based on that principle. Our adhesive screen cleaner is designed with simplicity in mind.

We’ve taken a look at what works and what doesn’t.

What Does Pristine Clean Really Mean?

Think back over the different methods you have used to keep your electronics clean. Usually, a couple of things come immediately to mind:

1.    Multi-step cleaning kits

2.    Specialized sprays and aerosol products

3.    Pre-moistened sponges and wipes

Granted, each one of these techniques is a maintenance option for your devices, but how well do they really work? Most of us know the answer to that question without having to overthink it.

The kits work, but they are time consuming and the components are expensive to replace. Sprays and aerosols are faster than the kits, but they leave residue, streaks, and spots on everything they touch. As for the pre-treated products, the lack of preparation’s a strong selling point until you start using the products. They work well for a few applications and then they start picking up debris instead of removing it. Before long, the sponges and wipes are useless.

Pristine Screens looked at the cleaning demand and found the supply was not meeting it. Rather than throwing everything aside, we chose to learn from the mistakes of others. Based on the other products out there several things became pretty clear. Consumers want cleaning products that are:

·         Efficient

·         Affordable

·         Residue-free

·         Washable and reusable

We used these guidelines as a quality test for our adhesive screen cleaner. This simple peel and stick microfiber square holds the key to keeping your devices clean. The silicone suction keeps the adhesive screen cleaner right where you put it. All it takes is a few quick swipes across any screen. The microfiber keeps it streak-free and it a breeze to clean and re-use.

Chances are your latest devices will wear out before your adhesive screen cleaner does; Pristine Screens would not have it any other way. 

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