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The Top 3 Reasons to Clean Electronic Devices Using Microfiber Cloth

How do you feel when you look at your electronics and see those horrible smudges? Almost as disgusted as when other people see them?  Debris and dirt are a part of life, but they don’t have to be a part of your electronics.  While there are many different products out there that claim to be the best at keeping your electronic devices looking like new, none of them can stand up to microfiber.  

Microfiber works the best at keeping your electronic screens clean.  It is the most gentle and most effective material to use on your screens.  Here are a few reasons why you should choose a clean microfiber cloth for your electronic screens.  

Avoid Getting Sick

How often do you allow other people to touch your cell phone or tablet?  While it might not be often, most of us are guilty of passing our phones or other electronics off to someone else who needs to use them. Sometimes those people are strangers.  Germs, and the passing of sickness, are present within a person’s body, even if they show no symptoms of being sick.  However, it doesn’t take touching your devices for them to acquire germs. Airborne particles can land on them when someone coughs or sneezes near you and infect your device, thereby infecting you.  Using a clean microfiber cloth to keep your device protected on a regular basis will help you remain healthy.  The germs are trapped in the cloth, not pushed around on your screen like other types of cleaners.

Keep It Looking New

It can be embarrassing when you show your new phone or tablet to a friend and it’s covered with smudges.  These days, we rely heavily on our electronics, so we use them all the time.  That means dirt and smudges happen all the time.  When you give your device a quick wipe-down each day, you’ll restore that look it had when you first bought it.  No more embarrassment over your dirty screen!  In fact, you’ll probably have friends asking you how you’ve kept it looking great for so long.

Prolong Its Life

While the technology that’s used to build cell phones, laptops and tablets is improving all the time, they’re not immune to dirt.  Dust particles can be so small, they’re hard to see.  Each of your devices has crevices where those dust particles like to travel and nestle.  When they get inside your device, they can cause it to malfunction.  Using a clean microfiber cloth on a regular basis will ensure that your device keeps running well for as long as possible.

At Pristine Screens, we offer a few different types of microfiber cleaners for your convenience.  If you enjoy using a cloth, our Pristine Travel Clean microfiber cloths are perfect for you.  If you’d rather have an easier way to keep track of your cleaner, you can choose our Pristine Sticky Clean stickers, which adhere directly to your device.  

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