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Practice “Top of Mind” Marketing with a Sticky Screen Cleaner

Do you know how many pieces of advertising the average person is exposed to per day? According to a recent marketing study, the answer is 5,000 – 5,000 advertisements per day.  That is over 200 advertisements an hour. We are saturated with marketing. That fact translates to one harsh truth: consumers are blocking out advertisements. You can either look at this statement as the end of marketing as we know it, or you can see it as an opportunity.

Marketing has gotten more challenging. People are savvier and they are mobile. These two factors indicate that it’s time for companies to adapt or be left behind. This article will focus on how you can adapt using something as simple as a sticky screen cleaner.

Everyday Applications for Visual Marketing

What’s the one thing that most of us never leave the house without? That’s right, our cell phone. This handheld communication device offers the perfect backdrop for subtle, reusable marketing.

Yes, a lot of companies have started Quick Response (QR) campaigns. Those not-so-subtly placed black and white squares you can scan into your cell phone. The trend is catching on, but no company has embraced the idea of reusable marketing quite like Pristine Screens.

They’ve looked at the marketing statistics. They know that marketing through promotional items works. Nearly 95% of people remember receiving a promotional item. Just over 80% remember a brand or logo on that item and 38% remember details about that brand or company. This is the new wave of marketing.

On the Mind Marketing

To ride this new wave and reap the ROI benefits, you need to find a way to be in front of your consumers repeatedly. This requires more than email blasts, posts and follow-up. It involves being “top of mind” for the consumer even if they’re not online or in your store. How do you do that? Make them carry your product with them and use it every day.

Pristine Screens has the perfect promotional product solution. It’s called a sticky screen cleaner. This little portable product can be stuck on a customer’s cell phone. When their screen gets smudged or messy, they simply remove the square from the back of the phone and use it to clean the screen. The best part is the sticky screen cleaner can be customized with your brand or logo, exposing them to your company repeatedly every time they use the cleaner. Additionally, when they talk on the phone or text at local businesses, passersby can see the sticky screen cleaner and get exposed to your brand by proxy.

It’s not only time to adapt, it’s time to make your brand work for you. Pristine Screens can help. We can customize a product that differentiates you from the competition and get your company “top of mind” for the everyday consumer. Contact Pristine Screens for more information.

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