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Phone Screen Cleaner a Decade-Defining Product

Is it just me or do Americans seem addicted to multi-purpose products? You can rewind to the retro double-sided ice scrapers and brushes or fast forward to the cell phone that doubles as an iPod; same concept, different application. Chances are no matter how far back you go, you’ll find a multi-purpose product that defines that particular decade. Why? In a word: efficiency. Americans love the convenience of an efficient product that saves both time and money.

So what multi-purpose gadget will define this decade? How about phone screen cleaners? I can tell by the way you’re eyes widened and the accompaniment of that barely audible scoff that you don’t quite share my conviction. Allow me to make a case for this seemingly unassuming product, and you may change your mind.

Creating Mass Appeal by the Swipe

What’s the first rule of inventing? Create something that everybody needs or improve on something that everybody uses.

I just read a statistic that said there are more cell phones in the world than there are toilets. If that doesn’t speak to the untapped decade-defining potential of a phone screen cleaner, I don’t know what does. It’s obvious there’s a need out there waiting to be fulfilled.

At this point you’re probably thinking one of two things:

1.    Cell phone cleaners are a dime a dozen.

2.    The product only serves one purpose.

I’d have to concede to you on both points if the company that sells the phone screen cleaner didn’t have a rebuttal; however, they do.

An Argument for Invention

Pristine Screens, the company that makes the phone screen cleaner in question, would like the chance to counter your objections.

First, about the “dime a dozen” cliché: is there another cell phone cleaner on the market that can simultaneously market your brand or business? Pristine Screens can insure that by customizing the pads, stickers, or packaging you reap the rewards in establishing brand loyalty.

Secondly, regarding the multi-purpose status: the paragraph above proves that the product lives up to its multi-purpose label, but Pristine Screens has taken it one step further. What started as a phone screen cleaner can now be used on multiple products.

This list includes:

·         Laptops

·         CDs

·         Camera lenses

·         Eyeglasses and sunglasses

·         Portable games

·         Navigation systems

Remember, the efficiency and convenience factor that I touched on in the introduction? This is where it shines. You don’t

 have to buy any more complicated kits or specialty products that only clean a single device. This phone screen cleaner is one product that cleans all of these devices.

It also comes in several convenient and portable forms. Stick it on the back of your cell phone and use it when you need it.

Keep it in the glove compartment for use on the road. Store it in the kitchen or desk drawer for those last minute touch-ups.

Use it whenever, wherever; a phone screen cleaner can be your go-to solution.    

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