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Are your corporate giveaways surprising and awesome?

Your corporate giveaways make a statement about your brand. They are often your client’s or customer’s first impression of your business, and you want to make the right impression. But are you attracting the attention you should and presenting the image you want?


The products you choose to give away should do several things:

  • Increase awareness for your brand
  • Be useful for your customers
  • Stand out among the crowd of free products
  • Generate leads for your business

Although all of these are important, the key to being remembered by your customers is standing out among the crowd. Rise above ordinary with your giveaways to give your brand a lasting impression in the minds of your target audience.


If your giveaway surprises your customers, it will make them look twice, which is exactly what you want from promotional products – more attention for your brand.

When you are at a trade show or simply giving tokens of appreciation to new clients, you want custom branded products that are out of the ordinary because being different gets you noticed.


But surprising your target audience isn’t the endgame. An awesome product is a great reflection on your brand. It shows your clients your innovation, your ability to stay ahead of trends, and your recognition of their needs.

Awesome products have a wow factor that will make your customers keep your promotional product for years to come and use it every day.

The best thing about having a giveaway labeled “awesome” is that it will get your brand talked about and remembered.


At Pristine Screens, we know how to attract the attention of your customers. Our microfiber screen cleaners can give your brand the wow factor it needs. We offer digital proofs, custom branding and bulk order pricing to fulfill all of your needs for corporate giveaways.

To get your free sample of the corporate giveaway that will surprise your clients and customers and convince them that your brand is as awesome as your promotional product, please contact Pristine Screens at 800-540-5971 today.

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