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The Germiest of Them All: Cell Phones (& Screen Cleaners that Work!)

Think of the germiest items that you come in contact with every day.  Some of the most disgusting when it comes to bacteria are the toilet seat, kitchen counter, pet food dish, checkout screen, doorknob and cell phone.  

Now decide which of these you would least want to lick and put in order accordingly.  Of course, the answer should be none of the above, but if you knew just how much bacteria festers on each, your negative answer would ring even more resoundingly.  The actual numbers might still surprise you…

On a typical day:

A toilet seat harbors 1,201 bacteria per square inch

A kitchen counter holds 1,736 bacteria per square inch

A pet food dish carries 2,110 bacteria per square inch

A checkout screen gathers 4,500 bacteria per square inch

Doorknobs collect 8,643 bacteria per square inch


Cell phones harbor 25,107 bacteria per square inch!

That’s right, the item that is closest to your face and most often in your hand is by far and away the most disgusting germ habitat of them all.  At that proximity, maybe you have even licked one part or another of your cell phone before by accident…yuck!

Well, according to these observations, you are better off laying your head against the nearest toilet seat than making a phone call when it comes to accessing the most germs.  When you consider the number of times a cell phone is sterilized compared to any of the above, it’s not all that hard to believe.  Most cleaning agents have some kind of antibacterial agent to work against germ buildup.  Since toilet seats and counters are wiped down fairly often in comparison, they are at least receiving some type of preventative cleaning.  

Why don’t we ever clean our most often used technological devices?

Many give difficulty of cleaning as a reason for not “de-germing” their cell phones more often, while some claim that using a sleeve or any cloth at least removes the dust or fingerprints, which is enough for them.  Whatever the case, this lack of cleaning is clearly not doing us any good, while it is working wonders for the germ population.

Quick, Easy and Stylish Cell Phone Screen Cleaners

The cell phone screen cleaner from Pristine Screens takes away any need for excuses, just as it takes away over 99% of the bacteria growing on your phone!  These microfiber patches are positively charged, attracting all that negative dirt and dust while removing germs from your mobile device.  Completely safe to use on screens of all types, these patches stick right on the back of your phone for easy access.  Washable and reusable, Pristine Screens’ cleaners take the germiest of items and make them pristine! 

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