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Dirty Cell Phones and What To Do About Them

Everyone knows that cell phone screens can get pretty dirty.  And it makes sense: numberless finger swipes and thumb taps add up to too many germ transferring touches to count.  Add in handshakes, doorknobs, sneezes, and elevator buttons and your phone is simply the central station for germs to gather and multiply.

As autumn gets well under way, time indoors increases and the well-known cold season begins.  Cooped up people in schools, offices and any other indoor gathering place tend to share far more germs than they realize.  Borrowing pens, passing notes and sharing files, everyone is touching everyone else’ germs. And considering all the germs already lying in wait on our screens, it’s no wonder that winter signals an increase in illness everywhere.

Germs and Our Mobile Device

How dirty can our phones really be?  Various studies across the globe discovered the following about your mobile phones:

75% of people admit to using their cell phones in restroom stalls

1 in 6 devices contained fecal matter

16% of hands and phones carried the bacteria E. coli

1 in 8 phones have the MRSA staph bug

Overall, a variety of tests found a single cell phone to be dirtier than the bottom of your shoe and full of more bacteria than 10 toilet seats.  That’s right, the object that rests on your face for a significant part of the day is one of the dirtiest items handled in a 24 hour period.

If you didn’t think before that it was important to have an item with which to clean your phone, tablet, laptop and other screens, think again.  While some UV devices can be set up to eradicate most of the germs on your mobile devices, such apparatuses are expensive and bothersome to use. What we need is something as easily accessible as our phones are, to keep up with how frequently we use the devices.  

Pristine Screens to the Rescue!

Pristine Screens’ microfiber screen cleaner sticker removes 99.7% of all germs and bacteria, not to mention taking care of smudges, stickiness, fingerprints and dust.  Designed to safely clean the screens of cell phones, tablets and laptops, it goes without saying that, just like your hands, your devices need to be cleaned and disinfected as well.  With these adhesive screen cleaners, your phone could actually become cleaner than your hands and be easy to keep that way. The microfiber screen cleaner sticker is a most popular item, sticking right to the back of your mobile phone. All products from Pristine Screens are made of a washable and reusable split end technology, and are 100% safe to use on screens.

So take this quirky test to find out not-so-scientifically just how dirty your particular cell phone is.  Then quick, order a Pristine Screens microfiber screen cleaner sticker for yourself – and for every single person you know or could come into contact with!


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