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Moving Targets: Keeping your Marketing Relevant in an On-The-Go World

The presence of mobile technology in our world is undeniable, but the sheer scope, or reach, of those devices is difficult to grasp with out some sort of quantification. Try this number on for size: Gartner estimates that 1.2 billion smartphones and tablets will be bought worldwide in 2013.  The juggernaut that is mobile is necessitating changes in the way we must market our products. The mobile sector cannot be ignored, but what new methods are actually leveraging its possibilities?

Some companies are using responsive design and mobile apps to encourage browsing on the go. Both methods bring ease to mobile browsing—responsive web design is a design approach created to provide an optimal viewing experience automatically, no matter what size screen or device is used to view a website; meanwhile, apps are often designed as the mobile counterpart to a full-size website.

Others are using a text messaging approach to marketing.  According to an article from Forbes, “95 out of 100 of your customers who have opted into your text messaging program OPEN and READ your mobile messages within 3 minutes.” That’s a statistic that’s hard to argue with, however, keep in mind that text message marketing is highly regulated and consumers must first opt in to receive your messages.

Yet another option is geo-fencing, which takes advantage of the prominence of GPS in mobile devices fairly uniquely. Geo-fencing is a feature built into software that uses GPS or RFID (radio frequency identification) to define boundaries. A geo-fence is essentially a virtual barrier. For marketing purposes companies can use geo-fences to trigger a text message or e-mail containing information or a special incentive.

Still others have discovered the unique opportunity that Pristine Screens offers. With our customizable phone screen cleaners, brands are able to place their product in front of thousands. How? By giving promotional phone screen cleaners to consumers, you can ensure they will carry your brand with them. We’re dedicated to making the best phone screen cleaners available. Our products offer a supreme clean, durability and reusability, and best of all for you, high visibility and a variety of marketing applications—from logos to QR codes and more.

Our goal is to drive visibility for your brand while providing your consumers with a quality product they will love to use. To find out more about what promotional products from Pristine Screens can do for your marketing efforts in our mobile world, give us a call at 800-540-5971.

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