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Building Brand Loyalty: Turn Consumers into Brand Advocates

It is often said that technology makes the world smaller, and indeed, with the power of connectivity we currently have, it does. However, the amount of competition is not made smaller by our connected world; if anything, consumers are able to connect to more brands and companies, increasing the competition for their business and loyalty. There are those who say that brand loyalty is a thing of the past, but Greg Shove, founder of SocialChorus, disagrees. He believes not only in the continued existence of brand loyalty, but that brands can use connectivity to create brand advocates.

In a brief video published on, Shove asserts that this can be done in three phases. First, identify those you believe can become brand advocates. Look at your social networks, consumer databases and any other relevant sources of information and find your most satisfied customers – the more frequently they engage with your business the better. The next step is simple: invite your hopefully soon-to-be-advocates to engage with you. Send them an email, and additionally, post information to Facebook and Twitter. From there, reward those who do engage with you. This can be done in a vast number of ways: give them access to great content or offers they can share with their friends, or perhaps a branded sticky screen cleaner to keep their devices clean and your brand in front of their eye. Get creative with other ideas – the main objective is to add value to their social presence on your behalf.

The great value here is that you stand to create voices spreading the good word about your brand, putting you in front of more eyes, increasing visibility and potentially encouraging new customers. And so, it behooves all brands to focus on their current network of clients, customers, supporters, fans and followers to ensure that you are treating them right and encouraging brand loyalty and advocacy.

At Pristine Screens, we believe strongly in providing a level of quality products and services that give our clients every reason to be fully satisfied with their business relationship with us.  We follow Shove’s recommendations for new, old and prospective clients alike – our main goal is to provide value and increase the visibility of your brand. 

If you’re interested in finding out about the power of putting promotional sticky screen cleaners in front of thousands of pairs of eyes, contact us today at 800-540-5971 or

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