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Customers Give Wholehearted Approval to Pristine Screens’ Screen Cleaners

Custom Microfiber Towels

Why Pristine Screens?

Pristine Screens specializes in the fine, and necessary, art of cleaning the many screens that surround us.  You know the ones: cell phones, televisions, laptops and desktops, navigation and game systems.  Then there are the lenses, glasses and sunglasses, cameras and binoculars.

All of these surfaces can now be completely smudge, smear and print free with our unique and convenient screen cleaners.  Ours is the highest quality lens cloth available on the market, with extra oil-absorbing properties that leave any touch screen as clean and clear as the day you bought it.  Lightweight and durable, our promotional screen wipes are travel sized for convenience and are a great way to get your word out.  And that word can be whatever you like, as each wipe is fully customizable when ordered in bulk.   

The Buzz about Pristine Screens

You don’t have to take our word for it.  Dozens of happy customers have expressed their satisfaction after purchases through EBay and Amazon, from gems like “Superb”, “A++++++++++”, and “Great product”, to confirmations of our “Super speedy shipping” and “Fast and excellent service”.

Consistently giving our promotional screen wipes five out of five stars, customers have raved about us, and we’d like to share some of our favorite comments.“The product is amazing. It cleans electronic screens like nothing I have used before.” 

  • “I used them on my laptop and the screen on my phone and both times they’ve made it look as if it were brand new again.”

“I tried this cloth out and it works GREAT, seriously! This thing is like a magnet!”

“This really works, no liquid or spray needed, a few wipes and all the finger prints are gone! I would definitely recommend this for anyone with an iPad or other tablet.”

“I got one of these cloths as a gift and it works awesome. So awesome in fact that my girlfriend took mine and will not give it back. I am now forced to purchase another cloth to replace my stolen cloth.”

“These are great cleaning cloths. I keep one in my car, one in my desk, and one in my computer case so I always have one with me when I need one.”

“The company is incredible with fast shipping and excellent customer service. When I had a question about whether or not the cloth could be washed, they were incredibly quick and pleasant with getting back to me.”

“When I first opened this cloth I knew it was different. You can just feel that it is higher quality! It is soft and shiny and cleans the fingerprints right off my Kindle! I have also been using it to get that little bit of make-up that gets on my phone after I use it! Definitely recommend!”

Free from chemicals and no water required, our promotional screen wipes are a great choice for marketing, or for personal use.  Check out more enthusiastic approval on our testimonials page.

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