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Pristine Screen Cleaners Stick Close to Keep you Smudge Free

Signs of Smudging

There are signs everywhere.  And once you see them, you can’t keep from seeing: the smudges, the smears, the makeup, the marks – on screens and lenses all around you.  Phones, computers, glasses, televisions, cds and camera lenses all come into constant contact with faces and fingertips.  And it’s such a hassle to remember to always have a wipe at the ready; you know there has to be a better way.  

Pristine Screens’ sticky cell phone screen cleaner is about to change the way screens are cleaned everywhere.  Clean looking and tidy, personalized or marketable, it is the most convenient method yet, and this patch stays with you wherever you go.

Stick It!  

Crafted from a non-adhesive silicon gel that sticks easily and closely to your electronics, the back of this patch leaves no residue behind when you…

Peel It!  

The front side of the sticky cell phone screen cleaner is made from the same ultra-premium microfiber used in the Pristine Travel Clean Cloths and will quickly…

Pristine It!  

Easily removing germs, oil, makeup and fingerprints from screens safely, this pad is washable and reusable and will leave your screens gleaming and Pristine clean!

The Perfect Screen Cleaner

Pristine Screens has taken our already popular travel cloths and crafted a whole new product for greater convenience and improved cleaning ability.  The nifty little pads come in an unlimited array of colors and when you place an order in bulk you can customize size, shape, style and color, chosen through a series of free digital mock ups. They are the perfect size for QR codes and custom branding and can be used for a variety of marketing purposes.

Pads made of only polyester have little ability to absorb the oils found on screens, but our microfiber blend is comprised of a variety of advanced oil-absorbing fiber compounds. In fact the staying power of each sticky cell phone screen cleaner is better than any in the industry. It uses a special split-end technology that has proven to be 100% safe on all kinds of screens and lenses, never scratching the surfaces it cleans.  Fully washable and reusable, this pad is able to re-stick to surfaces hundreds of times.

Guaranteed Experience

As a U.S.-based company, we promise lightning-fast delivery wherever we ship, and each item is sent in complimentary paper card packaging.  Throughout the industry, ours is the best guarantee, for if you are not completely happy with your purchase or any other part of your Pristine Screens experience, we will work with you to make things just right. We are that certain of the quality of our product and business and can prove it with our excellent customer service record.

Explore our endless choices for personal or professionally customized sticky cleaning pads and place your order today.

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