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Skyrocket Your Branding Efforts Using Sticky Cleaners for the World’s Most Popular Devices

It’s been said that branding and promotion aren’t good bedfellows. Why? All too often the concepts work against each other. When a promotional idea is not thought through, it can actually damage the brand that you are trying to build.

For instance, if the bedrock of your brand is every day value, you should avoid running discount promotions. The discounts will actually cause customers to question the validity of your brand. Good promotions are clear and purpose-driven. That’s the idea behind Pristine Screens’ sticky cleaners.

Building on Bedrock

Brands take a lot of time and effort to build. Rather than running the risk of “wrecking ball” promotions, think of stratagems that build on the brand itself.

Why do sticky cleaners work? Cell phones are replacing LAN lines; tablets and touchscreens are replacing desktops. At this rate, more and more people in your community need ways to keep all of those screens clean. The interesting thing: they don’t realize that need until it is pointed out to them. Your brand can cash-in on their moment of enlightenment without risking its integrity.

There’s one main difference between using an item-based promotion, like sticky cleaners and running the occasional discount program: people love to be provided with solutions to their problems.

Appealing to the “Savior Complex”

It’s a proven principle of marketing that if you can’t engage the customer creatively, you should demonstrate your ability to problem solve.

Sticky cleaners put that ability front and center. It highlights a common problem and offers an immediate solution. Everyone’s dealt with dirty screens, but the solutions they have aren’t usually at their fingertips at the exact moment they need them. Pristine Screens changes all of that. We make the remedy they need just as mobile as they are. All that you need to do is customize it.

By adding your company’s logo to the back of our sticky cleaners, you advance the reputation of your brand. Nearly 90% of customers remember a brand when it’s attached to something they use frequently. Add that level of recognition to the fact that your brand will be on some of the most popular devices available, and it equals exposure you can’t buy. That’s what successful brand promotion is made of.

Don’t know where to start? We’re here to help. Just tell us the type of cleaners you want and we’ll walk you through the rest. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small, medium, or large-sized order; we’ll help meet your needs. Take the first step and contact us through our website.

Together well construct a promotional stratagem that enhances your brand. This is not a cookie cutter process. We customize it for every company, every time. See the difference the right kind of promotion can make. Get started today!

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