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GlydeWrite: The Unique Screen Cleaner that lets you Draw or Write and Clean – All At Once

The iPad may have gotten the jump on the touchscreen tablet craze in 2010, but it didn’t take long for competitors to follow suit. They understand that there’s a market out there for instantly accessible handheld technology.  They also understand that for the technology to be successful, it has to be interactive and engaging. That’s exactly how we feel about cleaning.

Innovations of a Clean Freak

If you left them to their own devices, technology moguls would have you believe they thought of everything when it comes to techno-gadgetry. That may be their take, but did these “giants of industry” give consideration to screen cleaners?

Granted, people don’t tend to put cleaning and fun in the same sentence. For most of you, cleaning is a necessary chore. We decided to change that mentality by utilizing the same principle used to make touchscreens popular in the first place. If your product is interactive and engaging, people will develop an appetite for it. Our new screen cleaners come with a twist: they clean automatically, so to speak.

GlydeWrite screen cleaners allow you to write, draw and clean at the same time. How does that work? Basically, we’ve taken our popular sticky screen cleaners and designed them so they cover the length of your palm while you hold a stylus. The GlydeWrite palm guard has the same microfiber backing as our traditional screen cleaners. All you need to do is slide the guard over your pinky, using the attached band, and write or draw normally. As you move your hand, the motions clean your tablet screen automatically, and there is no rejection from the pressure of your palm. 

Since the friction fuels a special microfiber pad, it does not cause screen rejection, damage, or dead pixels. You can expect your tablet to work just fine every time.

Making Cleanliness a Priority

People tend to lead very busy lives. It’s easy to forget about small, everyday tasks or put them off until tomorrow. Keeping your devices clean should not be something you put off or compromise on.

How clean your devices are not only affects how well they run; it affects your health. Think of how much we rely on technology. That reliance is what spawned the phrase: technology is great, when it works. You can keep your screens in brand new, just out of the box condition with our screen cleaners. This adds to the life of your device. Now, let’s touch on the second benefit: your health.

It’s estimated that the average person touches their face at least 3,000 times a day; probably more if you count all of the time we spend with a cell phone pressed to our ear. Given how often our hands come in contact with germs – on doorknobs, surfaces, faucets, keyboards, and touchscreens – we need to safeguard ourselves against getting sick. Screen cleaners are one way to do that. They disinfect your devices as they clean. 

The advantage with GlydeWrite is that now you can get these benefits without thinking about it.

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