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Say Goodbye To Fingerprints, Oils, & Germs & Say Hello To Your Clean Laptop Screen

Did you get a new laptop for Christmas this year?  It’s probably all shiny and bright…unfortunately, without the right screen cleaner, it won’t stay that way.  Are you wondering how you’re supposed to keep your laptop looking new longer?  If you’re reading this, you’ve come to the right place!

The Best Thing For A Clean Laptop Screen
Your laptop screen needs special care.  You won’t want to clean it with harsh chemicals or rough cloths because you could end up ruining it.  Protect your investment (or your new favorite relative’s investment) by cleaning the screen the right way, using microfiber.  

Other cloths, aside from being potentially harmful for your laptop screen, only push dirt around.  Instead of ending up with a clean laptop screen, you’ll end up with a screen that has dust and grime in crevices and cracks.  Microfiber is different.  Because of its construction, it actually attracts and absorbs the dirt and oil that can accumulate on your laptop screen, instead of just pushing it around.

It’s not only dirt and grime that you have to worry about on your laptop screen.  If you have children, chances are pretty high that they touch your screen, leaving oily fingerprints all over it. The oils from their skin (even if their hands are clean) can really make your screen look dull and dirty. Not to mention, it’s hard to know what germs your kids are carrying around on their hands, especially during cold and flu season.  Having a clean laptop screen is one way you can keep germs from spreading around your home.  

Options For Keeping Your Screen Looking Its Best
At Pristine Screens, we have many options for keeping your laptop looking like you just pulled it out of the box.  Our Pristine Travel Clean cloths are a very popular option because not only do they clean your screen, but they’re also machine washable.  They contain extra oil-absorbing properties that will work wonders on those pesky smudges.

If you’re concerned you might not be able to keep track of your microfiber Pristine Travel Clean cloth, we have another option you’ll love.  Pristine Screen Cleaning Stickers are perfect for the busy parent with curious children who like to pick things up and then “lose” them all over the house. They’re great too if you want a cool accent for your laptop.  These cleaning stickers come in a variety of patterns that literally stick right to your laptop or other device. You’ll never have to hunt for your cleaning cloths again.  These stickers maintain their “stickiness” so they won’t fall off, no matter how much you use them. 

Making sure you have a clean laptop screen is the best way to extend the life of your laptop. Not to mention, it will also improve your experience when you use it. Pristine Screens has exactly what you need to eliminate germs and dirt from your screen.

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