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Are Your Employees on Santa’s Nice List this Year? Reward Them with a Sticky Screen Cleaner!

Are Your Employees on Santa’s Nice List this Year? Reward Them with a Sticky Screen Cleaner!

Budgets are tight for a lot of companies this year, and the recent recession has required a lot of change in spending habits. Corporate gifts for clients and employees are an area that had previously included extravagant spending, but now many companies are lowering costs and being more creative. You may be a part of a company like this, where you’re setting out to find thoughtful and useful gifts that don’t break the bank. 

Making the Holidays Bright, On a Budget

As a boss, you’ve probably racked your brain trying to think of something special to do for your employees as you wrap up another year. Luckily, there are options out there that will both excite your staff and do little harm on the company budget. The answer for the 2012 holiday season is a sticky screen cleaner from Pristine Screens. Never heard of these before? Let’s go exploring. 

The sticky screen cleaner is designed to remove dust, dirt, and oil from your computer, laptop, or smart phone. It’s the convenient way to clean these and other electronic devices, and the best part about the sticky screen cleaner is it’s durable, washable, and reusable! After cleaning, you can stick it to the back of any surface for future use; a cleaning device on the one side and a sticky surface on the other – it’s always where you need it to be.

Make it Your Own

Custom branding options are available, so you can have your logo or other graphic on the screen cleaner. Your employees will be able to clean their devices with a quality product (made from microfiber and polyamide), and they’ll have a special token from the company (adorned with the brand they work hard for every day). They’re the perfect gift – inexpensive, but a fun way to keep a screen pristine! You can get the sticky screen cleaners branded with any logo or graphic, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Make yours a replica of your company’s identity, or make them fun for the holiday season – customized choices so that you can make your gifts unique to your brand.

Another benefit of the customized sticky screen cleaner is that wherever your employees go (grocery store, coffee shop, dry cleaners), you have 24/7 marketing working to your advantage. If they have the sticky screen cleaners on the back of their smart phones or laptops, others can see your logo or graphic, and presto, your business appears in front of hundreds, maybe thousands, of other people. Simple and cheap, yet effective marketing. What’s not to love? Give your employees a gift they can really use this holiday season. After all, many might receive new computers or smart phones, and they’ll be in need of a sticky screen cleaner!

With Pristine Screen’s “Pristine Sticky Clean” and “Pristine Travel Clean” you can provide gifts that will be used multiple times a day – and the recipients won’t know how they ever lived without it!

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