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Is Your Marketing Plan Agile?

Custom Microfiber Lens Cleaning Towel

Do you think you have a great marketing plan? Are you ready to change it up quickly and successfully?

In today’s fast-paced world, slow moving marketing plans can turn into unwieldy beasts that end up hindering the purposes they set out to serve.

The good news is that with the rapid advance of technology, there isn’t one single way to market any more, and you don’t have to marry your efforts to one technique.

With an agile marketing plan, you can be ready to chase the leads that bite. The key is to diversify your marketing efforts across several channels:

  • If TV commercials have been successful for your business in the past, don’t eliminate them, but dedicate some marketing funds to producing and posting videos on your YouTube channel.
  • If your blog is established and has an engaged audience, start sharing those posts across your social media channels to amplify the reach of your ideas.
  • If your customers already appreciate the yearly custom calendar you send them, try adding a new, unique token of appreciation like a sticky mobile phone cleaner.

To guarantee the success of your marketing strategies, you have to be willing to put aside your established opinions about what works and be open to discovering new possibilities.

Learn – adapt – reiterate!


At Pristine Screens, we help businesses utilize some of the best advertising space available, the back of everyone’s mobile devices. Our sticky screen cleaners adhere to the back of any smartphone, tablet, or laptop. They are a quick and convenient way to clean those screens that get smudged with greasy fingerprints and makeup. And they are customized with your branded message for everyone to see displayed on your customers’ devices.

For your free sample of our custom-branded corporate giveaways, call us today at (800) 540-5971 or fill out our sample request form.

We provide top-notch customer service, free digital proofs, and bulk discounts.

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