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3 Wow-Factor Marketing Techniques You Can Use Today to Increase Brand Awareness

Need the perfect strategy to boost your marketing efforts right now? Try one of these techniques today to turn your bland marketing into the unique marketing ideas that your audience will latch onto and remember you for. 


You like free, right? So do your potential customers and clients. The great thing about developing free content is that it costs you next to nothing, but has great potential to boost your message. You are the expert on your products and services. What can you tell your customers that would benefit them? Try writing:

  • A pdf ebook
  • A whitepaper
  • An industry report

Any of these should be easy to write and format. You can give them away for free on your website and collect customer emails and information in return to increase your customer list.


Whether entertaining or informative, videos are becoming the bread and butter of online marketing. They are easy to make, easy to upload, and easy for your prospects and customers to share. Although you can hire videographers and directors to make professional quality videos, you can also use your smartphone to record a small video to catch the consumer’s attention today. Try recording:

  • An introduction to the benefits of your product or services
  • An introduction of yourself – the person behind the business
  • An educational snippet about using your products or services
  • An entertaining video that shows the human side of your brand

For example, did you catch onto the icebucket challenge craze? Great way to show your customers your fun, social side and support of a good cause.


Don’t forget the value of a free gift. If you can give your potential clients and customers something unique, you have a great chance of staying in their mind and being their first choice when they need your kind of products and services. When selecting a promotional product, think about what your customers would:

  • Use and appreciate every day
  • Show their friends and associates
  • Keep around in plain sight, i.e. not toss in a drawer

Make sure your promotional giveaways are custom branded so that your prospects have your brand in front of them and your contact information when they need it.


Looking for the perfect gifts to give your contacts? We can help.

Pristine Screens offers custom-branded microfiber screen cleaners to keep your brand in front of your target audience.

For your free sample, simply fill out our free sample request today or call us at (800) 540-5971.

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