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Pristine Screens: Your First Impression Experts

The corporate world is often referred to as dog-eat-dog. The battle for customers has intensified, especially with the renewed focus on the mobile market. This particular consumer base can be very lucrative if you tap into it properly. The more tech-savvy buyers have gotten, the more marketing savvy they are by proxy. One false move in the beginning and you may not get a second chance at a first impression.

Pristine Screens understands this cost per impression ratio. We also understand that a high visibility product like a microfiber sticky screen cleaner does all of the wok for you. In fact, there’s nothing better, from a branding standpoint.

Front of Mind Impressions: The Best Marketing There Is

When it comes to generating leads and building a customer base, ask yourself a simple question: where in the mental rolodex do you want your company to be? Successful marketing may start with information and/or provision, but to last, the strategy has to go farther than that. You have to be on your customer’s mind continually.

According to content marketing, nearly 90% of customers remember a business name and logo if they are able to repeatedly use a promotional item. At Pristine Screens, we’ve tested and proven this theory with our microfiber sticky screen cleaner. The customizable, affordable little square may not look like much, but it has impression-maker written all over it.

Given the need people have for clean screens on-the-go, you don’t have to give a big presentation to sell prospects on the product. One demonstration and the microfiber sticky screen cleaner sells itself. Put your logo and information on the back with help from Pristine Screens and sell your business right along with it.

Set It and Forget It

The best part of this strategy is you can set it in motion and let the marketing inertia do the rest.

As customers use the promotional item, they are constantly reminded of a positive and useful experience with your company. About 7 out of 10 times, you can expect the customer to approach your business on their own. To make it 10 out of 10, have prospective customers fill out contact information before they get a microfiber sticky screen cleaner. Use the information collected to follow-up at a later date.

That’s just one suggestion that we have so that you can make the most out of cost-per-impression marketing. There are plenty more tips and suggestions where that came from. To take advantage of them contact us directly at: We can show you just how affordable and effective a campaign like this really is.

Collaboration isn’t just something we believe in; it’s something we do well. Connect with us and see how our products can promote and benefit your business today. Besides the stress and expense of trial and error marketing, what do you have to lose?

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