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Screen Cleaners with High Impression Rates – Stay in Front of Customers, Ahead of Competitors

As the first quarter of 2013 comes to a close, one thing is clear: marketing, as we know it, is changing. This change didn’t happen overnight. There were warning signs and predictors. Last year, 23% of marketing budgets were poured into things like:

·         Content marketing

·         Social media campaigns

·         Mobile marketing

·         Smart content

·         Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This year that percentage is expected to rise to as much as 34%, with a whopping 46% of businesses ponying up the investment capital to fuel this content-driven trend.

The goal: collect, tabulate, and tally everything you can about a consumer so you can “get inside their head” and hatch a successful marketing campaign with a contemporary twist that’s relevant to the modern consumer. Marketing developers have used words like “groundbreaking” or “genius” to describe this new topography of digital promotion.  At Pristine Screens, we just call it trying too hard.

The Nature of the Beast

The criticism above may seem harsh, but you have to admit, there’s a pinch of honesty to it.

The idea that marketing will undergo a “virtual conversion” has its place, but do not underestimate the power of a well-placed promotional item. Our screen cleaners are a perfect example.

These designer squares do more than just squeegee a dirty screen; they are literally a mobile billboard for your company. How does it work?

1.    Call Pristine Screens

2.    Work with a representative to pick a design or transfer your logo to our screen cleaners

3.    Place a bulk order

4.    Quality check the product

5.    Take it to the streets

It’s that simple. There’s no need for logistics, metrics or infographics. The plain fact is people love promotional items they can use. There’s nothing wrong with investing in inbound marketing too, but back it up with something your customers can hold in their hands.

The Wisdom of the “Old Dog”

There’s something to be said for employing tried and true methods in tandem with newer ideas.

By using both of these elements, you can have a two-prong, interactive marketing strategy. Go ahead, and develop an online destination, but use our screen cleaners to help you launch it.

Put your company name, logo, and web address on these cell phone and laptop accessories. Who doesn’t need a screen cleaner these days? As word spreads about the product, it will also spread about your company, thus leading potential customers to your website.

Everything works together seamlessly and you stay out in front of your competitors and consumers. You have an 89% chance of getting new customers as a result of our screen cleaners. Those are some pretty good odds.

Sure, invest in your online presence. All we’re asking is that you also set aside a piece of that investment for a promotional campaign. That way, you’re not going all-in on a hot trend. So what do you say?

If what we’re saying makes sense, call us or go online to: for ordering information today!

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