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All I Want For Christmas is an Adhesive Screen Cleaner!

All I Want For Christmas is an Adhesive Screen Cleaner!

Everyone, or most people, either own, or know someone who owns a computer, laptop, or smart phone; after all, it is 2012. Many families have a computer that’s shared by parents and kids alike, and its use is for enjoyment – whether that’s looking at pictures, playing games, or keeping in touch with loved ones far away. Needless to say, the computer gets passed around and sees a lot of dirty hands, smudges, and smears. Cell phones are much the same. They might not be used by various family members, but when you take a close look, they’re infested with fingerprints and oil marks. 

You’re probably thinking: how in the world are you supposed to keep these things clean? Better yet, how do you remove all the gunk that accumulates with every use? Luckily, Pristine Screen’s adhesive screen cleaner called “Pristine Sticky Clean” that can do just the trick! These screen cleaners are durable, washable, and reusable and make it easy to clean your laptop or cell phone screen. 

How do they work? 

Pristine Screens developed the microfiber adhesive screen cleaner to pick up dust, dirt, fingerprints, and bacteria that are left behind after using a computer or cell phone. The microfiber technology is able to pull debris away from surfaces and the polyamide material allows for the absorption of fingerprint and facial oils. Polyamide is also what makes the fabric so absorbent.

It’s the Season of Giving

It’s the perfect time of year to give an adhesive screen cleaner as a gift. Better yet, use them as stocking stuffers for family or friends. They’re small and will be the perfect adornment to any stocking. The screen cleaners come in all sorts of fun designs like pink zebra print, silver diamond tread print, purple paisley print, and cross bones for the stud in your life! Your kids, your significant other, or just a friend will thank you when they see their new sticky screen cleaner that not only removes all the dirt and grime off of laptop and cell phone screens, but also sticks to the back of any device for future use. You’ll never lose your adhesive screen cleaner because it’s stuck to whatever surface you choose!

The holidays are upon us and if you’re unsure of what to give your loved ones this year, remember that you can’t go wrong with an adhesive screen cleaner from Pristine Screens. They’re useful for people of all ages and come in fun patterns. Most importantly, they’re strong with great cleaning power! Say goodbye to smudges and smears and unsightly fingerprints. Your screens will forever be clean!

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