Pristine Sanitizing Wipes

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    Includes: Each box contains 50 Sanitizing Screen Wipes

    If you are looking for the highest quality sanitizing screen cleaners for your expensive devices you have come to the right place. Pristine Screens has sold millions of screen cleaners since 2011. We use only the highest quality materials and ingredients.

    Our screen cleaners are formulated and designed to be safe on screens and effective at sanitizing. We use only purely distilled Pristine quality ethyl alcohol (73%) and purified water. The more refined and purified the less contaminants and the safer it is for your devices. We have also increased the active ingredients by 3% so it is still safe but more effective than other screen sanitizing wipes at cleaning and sanitizing. Each wipe is made with quality screen/lens safe, eco friendly, fine synthetic fiber. Each box comes with 50 individually wrapped Pristine Sanitizing Screen Wipes.

    All of our products come with our Pristine 360 Guarantee. If you have any questions we are always available for a Call, Chat or Email and we will make sure you are taken care of ASAP.

    Thank you for choosing Pristine Screens!

    Pristine Sanitizing WipesPristine Sanitizing WipesPristine Sanitizing Wipes
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