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Sky Rocket Your Marketing and Branding Efforts with Custom Microfiber Screen Cleaner Cloths by Pristine Screens

Why Microfiber Screen Cleaning Cloths?

fun, unique and usable!

Gartner estimates that 1.2 billion smartphones and tablets will be bought worldwide in 2013!

Today there is no better way to market and advertise than with a product that goes hand and hand with today's most popular digital devices. The Pristine Travel Clean fits perfectly under the iPad smart cover and others and can easily be taken everywhere!

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What You Can Expect With a Custom Order From Pristine Screens?

Speedy service and excellent customer service!

- Lightning fast customer service & delivery of your product!

- Price match guarantee within the US!

- Highest quality materials!

- U.S. based company with servicing to Canada & other international destinations!

- Iron clad guarantee!

- Highly creative & capable graphics team!

- Easy 3 step ordering process!

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What Is a Digital Proof? 


- A diagram showing you different design options

- We offer unlimited design revisions at no cost

- Nothing goes to production until you are satisfied

- If you have any specific requests or ideas just let us know

What Packaging Options are Available?

Show off your custom cloths with custom packaging!

We have four packaging options available for your personalized screen cleaner cloths.

1. Poly wrapped 50/units per poly bag.

2. Each cloth individually wrapped or folded into a poly bag.

2. Individually packaged in a clear plastic pouch. Customizable.

3. Individually packaged in a paper card box with front hole for viewing. Customizable.

**If you have any ideas for your packaging let us know and we can see what we can do for you.

Can I Try out Your Product Before Placing Custom Order?

try before you buy!

Definitely! We want you to feel confident with your order and know that you are getting only the best. Simply fill out our samples request for and we will get those in the mail for you.

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Do You Offer Any Other Custom Branded Products?

Yes! Be sure to check out our pristine sticky clean™ too!

We do! We can also customize our Pristine Sticky Cleans for you. Our screen cleaner stickers are a great option and offer an extremely high impression rate! We can customize the size as well as the design in order to meet your needs.

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Many companies and organizations have put their trust in Pristine Screens!

Below you will see just a small fraction of them...

Why use microfiber cloths on your cellphone?

Cellphones are our electronic beacons of information and connectivity. They need very special care so they stay working for us. Even something as harmless as cleaning the screen can prove detrimental to your phone’s productivity. Using rough fabrics like cotton or paper can scuff up a phone screen, while using chemical treated wipes can be too harsh for the color display and touch sensitivities. You need a phone screen cleaning cloth that won’t ruin your phone. Microfiber cell phone cleaning cloths offer such a convenience. 

Mobile Screen Cleaner for Cell Phones

Microfiber cell phone cleaning cloths are the safest, easiest, and only way to clean your phone. The reason screen cleaners for cell phones that are made of microfiber cloths are so great is because they require no chemicals. Moisture and cellphones are a bad combination because moisture droplets can seep into the phone and get behind the screen. Cell phone cleaning wipes that have chemicals added to them fare no different and can interfere with both the visual display and touch screen capabilities of your phone.  Using a cleaning product that is dry but that can also clean efficiently is why phone screen cleaning cloths made of microfiber are the best for the job. Microfiber also isn’t a rough fabric that can scratch up your phone screen if applied with too much pressure. It is gentle enough for phones because it is made up of thousands upon thousands of positive and negatively charged tiny pieces of nylon and polyester that trap and lift away any dirt, oil, moisture, and bacteria. This is what gives microfiber the ability to keep delicate surfaces clean with minimal effort. Today’s phones are using more touch technology then ever so its important to keep your screen clean from smudges!

Easy to use Cell Phone Cleaning Wipes

To use a microfiber cloth just swipe across the screen and done! Microfiber cell phone cleaning wipes are gentle and easy to use for any phone screen. Cleaning your microfiber cloth is easy as well, when its time to clean the cloths all you really need is water! There are a few things you will want to avoid when cleaning your cloth;

  • Avoid using heat when cleaning your microfiber phone cleaning cloth
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • Do no use Laundry detergent

Why our Microfiber Phone Screen Cleaning Clothes?

Our microfiber phone cleaning cloths not only clean your phone screens but are also fully customizable. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, print types, add-ons, and various packaging options. They’re great for corporate gifts, trade-shows, and client giveaways. Whatever your cell phone cleaning wipes needs are we are confident our highly customizable options have what you are looking for. 

Ask one of our marketing consultants for more information on our screen cleaners for cell phones. 

Get pricing, samples and custom digital proofs with your logo!

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