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Packaging Options

Your Pristine Pristine Sticky Clean distributed in style.

Free Paper card
The Pristine Screens free standard paper card is an excellent opportunity to provide your clients with additional information about the product while getting your name out there. Each card is packaged individually, wrapped in cellophane with the cleaner attached to the card inside.
Custom Paper Card​
The perfect option if you’re looking to add a little extra “WOW” to your marketing materials. Companies often include promotional materials, contact information, marketing strategies, QR codes and more. 100% customizable designed just for you by your dedicated Pristine Screens graphic designer.

Pristine Screens Sanitizing Cell Phone & Tablet Screen Cleaning Wipes 50pk

Pristine Screens sanitizing cell phone and tablet screen cleaning wipes are made of the highest quality materials and ingredients. Our sanitizing screen cleaning wipes sanitize and remove contaminants from your cell phone and tablet screens and they are safe for screens and lenses. Each of our boxes of sanitizing screen cleaning wipes come with our Pristine Cloth that is made with the highest quality blended microfiber to polish your screen after you sanitize it. For the highest quality screen sanitizing and screen cleaning choose Pristine Screens today!