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HELLO 2022!

Interested in Our End of Year/Hello 2022 Promotions?

Webcam Covers & Screen Cleaners
That Take Your Brand to the Next Level


Out with the Old, and in with 2022 – Webcam Covers & Screen Cleaners

Interested in Our End of Year/Hello 2022 Promotions?


Custom Laptop Camera Covers that Clean, Promote and Protect.


A few ways to make our Pristine Screens Webcam Cover your own

Standard Shape

*Multiple Shapes Available 

Standard Size

33mm x 11mm

.75in x .375in

*Multiple Sizes Available

Standard Colors

*Multiple Colors Available 

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Packaging Options

Your custom webcam cover Privacy Clean, distributed in style.

Free Paper Card

The Pristine Screens free standard paper card is an excellent opportunity to provide your clients with additional information about the product while getting your name out there. Each card is packaged individually, wrapped in cellophane with the cleaner attached to the card inside.

Custom Paper Card

The perfect option if you’re looking to add a little extra wow factor to your marketing materials. Companies often include promotional materials, contact information, marketing strategies, QR codes and more. 100% customizable designed just for you by your dedicated Pristine Screens graphic designer. Each card is packaged individually, wrapped in cellophane with the custom webcam cover attached to the card inside. This option also includes the instructions on how to use your custom laptop camera covers.


Clean your screens, protect your privacy and promote your business all at once.



Let customers clean their screens and protect themselves
while you showcase your logo and brand with our custom laptop camera covers.


Easily clean any device multiple times with our personalized webcam covers, without wear and tear.

Easy Promotion

Custom screen wipes are an easy and effective way to promote your business. Build brand recognition, gain prospects and upkeep customer loyalty.


Simply run your Pristine product under warm, soapy water to clean and stick back on your device.


Customize your webcam cover cloth sticker to fit your business
needs. Customization is available from the stick-on screen cleaner to its packaging.

Cost Effective

Low cost per unit, our webcam covers
are affordable for any corporation—effective
marketing at an affordable price.


Any Shape

Whether basic or advanced shapes, our custom webcam covers can fit any business theme.

Any Size

In addition to any shape, you can order sizes of your webcam covers to fit any device—small or large.

Marketing Card

Enhance your promotional webcam cover sticker with a made-to-order marketing card.

Business Card

Add your webcam covers next to your contact information for individual promotion.

QR Code

Take it one step further with our custom webcam covers by linking your business’ website through a personal QR code.

Our promotional webcam covers are primarily for laptops and tablets, but can also be for mobile devices. Our Pristine Screen Privacy cleans are fully customizable. You can customize your Privacy Clean with your logo to gain brand awareness and stay in front of current and future clients. Hand out your security covers at trade shows and events to give your prospects something to remember you by. Display your Pristine product at your storefront, celebrate your clients, thank them for their business, send personal reminders–the possibilities are endless with Pristine Screens!

Pristine Screens has been helping people with their marketing needs since 2011. If you have any questions or want help with your microfiber screen cleaner marketing plan, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help!  We provide high quality cleaning stickers that can be placed on various devices the back of various devices including phones, laptops, tablets and computers. Our custom stickers allow you to promote your business easily, while giving your customers something they can use daily. 

Thanks to Pristine Screens Privacy Cleans, current and potential customers will see your logo every time they pull out their phones, increasing client loyalty and brand recognition for your company. Simply peel off the high quality stick-on reusable phone screen cleaner that is personalized with your specific logo. Pristine you screen and the cleaner sticker goes right back on your mobile device, tablet or desktop, for simple yet effective promotion. Our custom cleaners are made with the best quality materials available. Contact us today for samples!