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Custom Microfiber Cloths
& Other Personalized Products!


Out with the Old and in with 2022 – Custom Microfiber Cloths and Other Personalized Products!

Interested in Our End of Year/Hello 2022 Promotions?


Limitless Colors, Styles and Possibilities


A few ways to make our microfiber product your own.

Standard Shapes

*Multiple Shapes Available

Standard Sizes

4in x 4in
5in x 5in
6in x 6in

*Multiple Sizes Available

Standard Colors

*Multiple Colors Available

Printing Options

Standard Colors

Packaging Options

Your Pristine Cloth, distributed in style.

Packaging Options

Your Custom Microfiber Cloths Distributed in Style.

Cellophane Sleeve

This standard packaging option includes individually wrapped custom microfiber cloths and poly wrapping with 50 units per bag–a simple yet effective way to showcase your brand and custom microfiber cloths. If you're wanting something a little more personalized, take a look at our keychain and PVC pouch options!

Custom Microfiber Cloth Packaging

Keychain & PVC Pouches

Highlight your business with PVC and keychain packaging options. For PVC packaging, your personalized lens cloth is individually packaged in a thick clear plastic pouch, always showcasing your logo. For the keychain option, your cloth is sewn into a keychain pouch so that customers can take their cloth with them wherever they go, offering them more convenience and you more visibility. Looking for a different packaging option? Let us know and we will get you what you need!

Custom Microfiber Cloth PVC and Keychain Packaging

Boxed Option

Our custom microfiber cloths can also be packaged in personalized boxes. With this option, you are highlighting your brand and cleaning cloth, while also giving your customers something to re-use, in addition to their branded Pristine Screens microfiber cloths.

Box Packaging for Custom Microfiber Cloths
Free Paper card
The Pristine Screens free standard paper card is an excellent opportunity to provide your clients with additional information about the product while getting your name out there. Each card is packaged individually, wrapped in cellophane with the cleaner attached to the card inside.
Custom Paper Card​
The perfect option if you’re looking to add a little extra “WOW” to your marketing materials. Companies often include promotional materials, contact information, marketing strategies, QR codes and more. 100% customizable designed just for you by your dedicated Pristine Screens graphic designer.


Your Pristine Screens custom microfiber cloth works for you at work, play and beyond.

Our glasses, cellphone screens and camera lens all need special care so they do not get scratched and stay clean. Even something as harmless as cleaning the screen of your phone with the wrong product can prove detrimental productivity. Using rough fabrics like cotton or paper can scuff up glasses, while using chemical treated wipes can bee too harsh for the color display and touch sensitivities or your tablet. You need a cleaning cloth that won’t scratch. Pristine Screens microfiber products offer such a convenience.


Our microfiber phone cleaning cloths not only clean, but are also fully customizable and can be imprinted with your logo. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, print types, add ons and various packaging options. They’re great for swag, corporate gifts, trade shows and client giveaways. Whatever your cell phone cleaning wipes needs are, we are confident our highly customizable options have what you are looking for and will be a great way to get your business branded. Ask your Pristine Screens Account Manager for more information on our screen cleaners for phones, tablets, laptops and beyond. ASI Supplier.



Our products are ideal for various surfaces, including mobile devices, tablets, computers, eyeglasses and camera lenses.

Microfiber Material

We pride ourselves on using only top of the line material to prevent scratching and to ensure the best cloth. Order your products in any shape, size and even on a convenient keychain!


Customize your microfiber cloth to fit your business needs. Customization is available from the product itself to its packaging.

Easy to Use

Simply swipe your Pristine product across the screen or desired surface and done! Order your printed cloth on a keychain so your clients always have their screen cleaning cloth where ever they go.


Any Size

Request any size or a variation of sizes for your customized screen cleaning cloth, to give every customer what they want. 

Gift Giveaways

Every device, lens or pair of glasses needs cleaning. Give the gift of a lens cloth to your clients. 

Custom Keychain

With a keychain cloth, your logo goes everywhere with your customers–a great way to stay in the spotlight. 

Trade Shows

Company events like trade shows are the perfect opportunity to hand out your personalized cloths.

QR Code

Promote your website or special offer by customizing your cleaning cloth with a QR code. You’ll be sure to stand out. 

Marketing a microfiber cloth has never been easier. Looking to take a large amount to a company event or trade show? Luckily, we offer wholesale customized microfiber cloths that are light and company, so you can take them with you anywhere. Easily place a bulk order through a Pristine Screens Account Manager and let your brand do the talking. Additionally, our customized products make a great gift for potential customers and current clients! Use our eyeglass cleaning cloths as swag to hand out at any event or store front. Pristine Screens personalized print microfiber cloth will easily spread the word of your business while improving company branding. Get creative with your logo microfiber cloth by uploading personal company photos or client submitted work to add an extra special touch.

Pristine Screens cloths are the safest, easiest and best way to clean your phone. The reason our personalized eyeglass cleaning cloth is so great for cellphones is because it requires no chemicals. Moisture and cellphones are a bad combination because moisture droplets can seep into the phone and get behind the screen. Cell phone cleaning wipes that have chemicals added to them are no different and can interfere with both the visual display and touch screen capabilities of your phone.

Using a cleaning product that is dry but that can also clean efficiently is why phone screen cleaning cloths made of microfiber are the best for the job. Microfiber also isn’t a rough fabric that can scratch up your phone screen if applied with too much pressure. It is gentle enough for phones because it is made up of thousands upon thousands of positive and negatively charged tiny pieces of nylon and polyester that trap and lift away any dirt, oil, moisture and bacteria. This is what gives microfiber the ability to keep delicate surfaces clean with minimal effort. Today’s phones are using more touch technology than ever so it’s important to keep your screen clean from smudges. To use a microfiber cloth, just swipe the screen and done! When it’s time to clean your custom eyeglass cleaning cloth, all you really need is water! Avoid using heat and fabric softener when cleaning your microfiber phone cleaning cloth.


Microfiber is a fiber that consists of materials like polyester and nylon. These materials work together to provide the best of both worlds–a strong structure thanks to the polyester and better absorption thanks to the nylon. This powerful combination is what makes Pristine screens custom promotional products the ideal cleaning solution. Additionally, microfiber comes in various thicknesses, depending on what you’re using it for. Our personalized lens cloth is perfect for eyeglasses, camera lenses, phones, tablets, computers and so much more. It gently yet effectively remotes dirt and oil from the surfaces that we use everyday, making it an overall better cleaning product.

So, now that you know microfiber is a better material, why use Pristine Screens for your microfiber screen cleaner cloth? Not only do we provide the highest quality materials of 100% microfiber, but all of our microfiber products are all completely customizable. Our custom lens cleaning cloth eliminates fingerprints, unwanted dirt, while polishing your devices and other surfaces. The Pristine microfiber material doesn’t leave residue, it absorbs more liquid than a traditional cloth and lasts for thousands of uses without wear and tear. Pristine Screens promotional cloths are strong enough to eliminate oil and smudges from your surfaces, but delicate enough to prevent scratching. Unlike traditional cleaning cloths, our products contain extremely thin microfiber strands, so that you can use your microfiber screen cleaner cloth on your most fragile surfaces. Get in touch with your Pristine Screens Account Manager to get your own personalized cleaning cloth.