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Out with the Old and in with 2022 – Custom Microfiber Cloths, Screen Cleaner Stickers, Webcam Covers, Custom Cards & Towels!

Interested in Our End of Year/Hello 2022 Promotions?

Pristine Screens Custom Screen Cleaners

Interested in Custom Promo Products?

Custom Screen Cleaner Stickers, Branded Microfiber Cloths, Sanitizing Wipes & So Much More!


Webcam Covers

Webcam Covers

Laptop Camera Cover Privacy Cleans for Tablets & Computers

Custom Microfiber Cloths

Custom Microfiber Cloths

Branded Personalized Microfiber Cloth for Screens, Glasses, Lenses & More!

Custom Microfiber Towels

Custom Microfiber Towels

Custom Towels with Logo for Screens, Glasses, Lenses & More!

Cell Phone Disinfectant Wipes

Sanitizing Screen Wipes

Cleaning Wipes for Mobile Devices


Custom Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber Blend

Our products are made with a high quality 100% microfiber
blend that is safe on all screens and wipes away unwanted
oil and dirt on phones, tablets, computers, glasses, lenses
and more. Get cloths, towels, laptop camera covers and more today!


Free Digital Mockups

In addition to our paper card packaging, our in-house graphic design team provides as many digital mockups as you need. Whether laptop camera covers or personalized towels and cloths, digital mockups come completely complimentary.

Unlimited Promo Products

When we say we can customize anything, we mean it. Need something other than laptop camera covers and cloths? Just ask your Pristine Account Manager and we will get you exactly what you're looking for with our extensive promotional product options.

Various Printing Options

All of our products can be printed in many different ways
and in any color you need. Ask us for our recommendation
for any one of our products. Our custom printed cloths, webcam covers, stick on screen cleaners and other promotional products are waiting for you.

Reusable & Washable

The combination of non-residue adhesive materials and
advanced oil absorbing compounds allows for thousands
of uses, ensuring convenience and saving you money. Our printed towels, stick on screen cleaner, personalized microfiber cloth and other products are all reusable and washable.

Lighting Fast Customer Service

We pride ourselves on quick and personalized experiences
as well as being US-based with international shipping. Work
hands-on with our design team and receive speedy delivery of your Pristine products!


  • Lightning Fast Customer Service & Delivery of your Product
  • Excellent Prices—Affordable for Any Business
  • Premium Quality Microfiber Materials
  • In-House Graphic Design Team
  • U.S. Based Company with International Shipping
  • Iron Clad Guarantee
  • Simple 3-Step Ordering Process


Whether you’re looking to enhance your brand with a screen cleaner sticker or you want to sell our other fully customizable products in your store, there are limitless ways for you to Pristine. Order our branded cloths, sanitizing wipes and laptop camera covers in bulk on in specific quantities through our online store. 

We are a single manufacturer with in-house graphic design. Our specialities are the original Sticky Clean, Pristine cleaning cloths along with Privacy Cleans and webcam covers. We also offer promotional products that are entirely customizable and unique to your brand. By choosing Pristine Screens for your promotional products, you are providing your business with endless possibilities backed by complete partner loyalty.

Custom Orders​

Skyrocket your marketing efforts with personalized cloths and other cleaners. Free digital proofs and free samples. Low minimum orders or 150 units.


Sell our custom merchandise in your store. Special pricing for wholesale promo items by distributors.


Several unique designs to choose from. Get your own sticky screen cleaners, webcam covers, cloths and sanitizing wipes today in our store.


Pristine Screens is a promotional product business that specializes in custom microfiber products like screen cleaners, lens and glasses cleaning cloths, web cam covers and more. Since 2011, we have helped companies in all industries showcase their brands in unique ways that result in lasting impressions.

Our services come equipped with the highest quality materials, a simple 3-step ordering process and international shipping backed by an in-house graphic design team and the best customer service in the industry.

Pristine Screens Free Samples

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