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Packaging Options

Your Pristine Pristine Sticky Clean distributed in style.

Free Paper card
The Pristine Screens free standard paper card is an excellent opportunity to provide your clients with additional information about the product while getting your name out there. Each card is packaged individually, wrapped in cellophane with the cleaner attached to the card inside.
Custom Paper Card​
The perfect option if you’re looking to add a little extra “WOW” to your marketing materials. Companies often include promotional materials, contact information, marketing strategies, QR codes and more. 100% customizable designed just for you by your dedicated Pristine Screens graphic designer.


What you Need for your Next Event?

The best way to get your name out there and establish a following of customers for your business is by handing out promotional event merchandise. Events are a great opportunity to socialize and get your brand circulating among the masses. Branded event handouts from your business generate hype because everyone will have an already established talking point from receiving your promotional product. If it’s an appealing enough product people will not only be happy to receive it they’ll also be more intrigued by the business that gave it to them. Promotional event merchandise is a sure-fire way to market without being too obvious. It’s both a clever and effective way of attracting more business.

Why Branded Event Giveaways?

The reason branded event giveaways are more effective and economical for your business is because custom branded promotional items have marketing staying power. Branded event handouts are not disposable like a flyer or brochure. Promotional event merchandise have purpose to them. They’re generally an item that is practical but still appealing enough for people to want and use. Giveaways are so attractive to potential customers because the useful and appealing item being given away is being presented to them as a fun item to possess. Everyone likes getting free event handouts and it will help create a positive memory of your event while increasing brand awareness. This is what is so great about branded event giveaways because your business is already on the desired item!

How Pristine Screens can help with your Event Swag?

Pristine Screens specializes in creating custom microfiber cloth event merchandise! Our microfiber cloth screen cleaner stickers known as Sticky Cleans are especially successful in marketing your brand. The reason why so many of current customers love giving Sticky Cleans as event handouts is because they’re appealing, useful, and universally effective in their marketing approach. Sticky Cleans are made to be seen on our most widely used tool for connection, organization, and entertainment; or cellphones. They’re designed to clean phone screens but with the added convenience of sticking to the back of phones. They’re a fully customizable microfiber cleaning sticker that can been seen by anyone anywhere. Every person who sees the branded sticker has a chance to ask about your event creating exposure well after the event has taken place. What’s also great about Sticky Cleans is they can also come attached to a variety of packaging options such as business cards and brochures so getting out more information for your business can easily come in the same branded event handout!


Let one of our knowledgeable and helpful marketing consultant assist you on your first steps to getting Sticky Cleans for your next event! Get started by calling us at (619) 630-7607 or by filling out our contact form.