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Unique Convention Giveaways and Swag

Conventions are a great way to meet new people and get your business out there.They may seem overwhelming at first with there being so many people. You have to find a way to get them interested in your business and in a creative enough way to lure them to you. Having a unique convention giveaway that will attract them to you is how you will set yourself apart from the crowd! 

Convention swag is a promotional item that you hand out to people to get them interested in your business. People tend to gravitate towards convention giveaways because there’s a fun incentive behind them. People enjoy receiving tokens of favor from businesses because it shows them that they care about their customers. Convention swag also adds an image of self-worth behind your business because you’re not afraid to get your brand out there and be seen. 

Tips for Unique Convention Giveaways: 

  • Convention swag should be easy to hand out but also informative and not something that can be thrown away or set aside. Your convention swag should be accessible but not to where it seems impersonal to people. Don’t just throw your convention swag on a table or in a bowl and leave it. Have it be relevant to your business. Convention giveaways help introduce you and your brand. Let it serve as a talking point for you. 
  • Convention handouts should be appealing enough to leave a lasting impression behind. Unique convention giveaways can stay with the client long after they receive them. They should also be an item that can be used every day and not something that can be easily forgotten. You want your convention swag item to serve as a constant reminder of your business to the person who has it. This is also why convention handouts should be of quality over quantity. A quality convention swag item will be kept longer than a bunch of cheap items that have no real value.
  • Unique convention handouts also need to get people talking. They should be an item that can be seen by many and make them intrigued by the brand that is being advertised on them. The most effective convention swag are items that are once handed out can be used immediately. These swag items can then be seen by others at the convention and in turn drive more people to you. 
  • Include contact information on the giveaway, make sure the contact information is legible and easy to find on the convention handout. 


Sticky Cleans are a unique convention giveaway item because they’re appealing, easy to handout, immediately useful, reusable, and universally beneficial. Sticky Cleans are fully customizable microfiber cloth screen cleaners that once handed out can immediately be stuck to the back of someone’s phone to where they can advertise your brand for you. Everyone owns and uses their smart phones at conventions as way to connect or gain information. Sticky Cleans are made to be seen and used on cellphones so every time someone takes out their phone with a Sticky Clean on it they’re easily marketing the brand on it! 

Contact one of our marketing consultant to hand out your Sticky Cleans at the next big convention!