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Conference Swag

Let’s be real here. Conferences can be overwhelming. There’s a lot going on and tons of people. It’s hard to memorize names and who does what and where. Getting your point across yet alone the awesomeness of your business isn’t exactly easy. Sometimes you need a little help. Conference merchandise can deliver such aid. They obtain all the attention for your brand without you being over wordy and turning them away. A unique conference swag item draws potential clients in and makes them excited about what you have to offer. Conference handouts not only introduce your business they also help your business gain visibility.

Conference Giveaways Establish Your Brand

Conference giveaways are a great way to build strong lasting relationships with both new and existing clients. Conference swag items establish a gratuitous bond and gentle reminder that you appreciate your client’s business. They really are the gift that keeps on giving for both you and your clients. Not only does it gain your business exposure, but it also keeps your current clients loyal to you. When you are handing out conference giveaways you are generating leads, increasing brand awareness in your market, and turning everyone who uses your item into a marketer for your company. 

Choosing the right conference merchandise is extremely important because it acts as the lasting impression you want to give to clients. It must be an item that the client will use. The general rule is that if you would regularly use the conference swag item then chances are the client will also. Your promotional conference handouts should be useful but also appealing. Pens and lanyards may be initially useful but they’re run of the mill and uninteresting. Your conference swag item should draw people in. It should leave a statement about your brand and how exciting you are as a business. 

Convenient Customizable Options

Conference merchandise should be easily accessible and simple to transport. No one wants to have to unwrap their swag item under layers and layers of tissue paper or haul around a bulky item. The best conference handouts are one that can be exchanged through an initial greeting. It should act as a business card without the banality. Your conference giveaway should also be visible by those who have it. The best conference swag can be used immediately once they receive them instead of items that must be set down somewhere or can just be thrown in a bag. You want your conference swag item to advertise for you as well and when it’s in use and being shown around by others it is also promoting you to even more people. 


What’s so great about Sticky Cleans is that they are the entire package when it comes to a conference giveaway swag item.  

Sticky Cleans are microfiber screen cleaner stickers that stick to the back of phones! When you’re at a conference where meeting people and obtaining their information by looking it up or storing it in your phone it only makes sense to have a conference giveaway item that can be used and seen on a phone. They’re convenient enough to hand out, can be used instantly, and are unique. Sticky Cleans will get people talking about your business. 

To get more information about custom Sticky Cleans for your next conference please contact one of our marketing consultants.