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Choosing the Best Promotional Products for Your Company

We all know that promotional products help keep your custom brand in front of consumers and potential clients, but knowing how and why those products work can help you choose the best promotional products for your company.

Studies Show That Consumers Really Do Use Promotional Products

In a recent study published by Relevant Insights, researchers found that consumers enjoy receiving logo promo items and actually hold onto them. This means your marketing efforts have the potential to really pay off if you choose the right products. Functional products that consumers use every day, such as promotional screen cleaners, are kept for much longer periods of time than other products like apparel. In fact, 60% of respondents said they held onto the promotional products they received for more than two years and used them regularly. After receiving a promotional product, 85% of recipients conduct business with the provider of the product. And around half of the recipients reported keeping their promotional products at home for daily use. Whether your customers or clients keep your products at home or in their office for everyday use, they are constantly reminded of your brand every time they use your product. This gives them an intimate comfort level with your branding and makes them more likely to use your brand again. In addition, everyone who sees those recipients using your branded product is exposed to your branded message. If you choose something with a high visibility rate, like tote bags or sticky phone cleaners, you are increasing the reach of your marketing efforts exponentially.

Solidifying Customer Relationships with Your Promotional Products

Promotional products can really help you build your customer and client relationships. As the study above shows, recipients of quality promotional products are likely to engage your company for business in the future. Often the first touchstone you have with a potential customer, especially at a tradeshow or conference, is the promotional gift you give them. You want to ensure you are giving out a high quality product that reflects the high level of service or product they can expect from your company. You also want to make sure that the promotional gifts you give are functional and can be used by your potential customers on a daily basis. This provides higher visibility for your brand and helps build the trust in your brand that you want your customers to develop. If you are ready to choose the promotional product that will give your brand high visibility while providing a functional gift that your customers will use every day, please contact Pristine Screens at 800-540-5971 today for your free sample. We provided custom branding, digital proofs, and reasonable prices.