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Everyone knows that promotional products have an unparalleled ability to increase your brand awareness. These days it can be difficult to find just the right promotional product to help your small business succeed. At Pristine Screens, we provide businesses like yours with customized screen cleaners to promote and grow your business.


Drawing attention to your brand is one of the most important functions of a promotional product. Whether you opt for our handy branded screen cleaners or our microfiber cloth, our cell phone screen cleaners will attract the attention your brand needs to grow.

Exhibit Surveys conducted a study that showed a 176% increase in trade show traffic for vendors who handed out promotional items at their booth. Get your brand looked at!


Unlike traditional marketing, such as print or TV ads, promotional products give your business long-lasting exposure to your potential customers. In a survey of business travelers conducted by L.J. Market Research, 71% of participants had received promotional products in the last 12 months and 33% of them had the product with them.

Products like our cell phone screen cleaners are so handy that your customers and potential customers will keep them stuck to the backs of their phone, displaying your logo to everyone they meet.


Promotional products are great for increasing brand recognition and providing the most brand exposure for you marketing investment. A Schreber & Associates survey concluded that 39% of people who received promotional products actually remembered the company associated with the giveaway six months later.

With Pristine Screen products, you can multiple this kind of brand recognition because our products stick to the back of your customers’ cell phones. They are exposed to your brand every time they pull their phone out of their pocket or purse. Think about how many times that adds up to every day, every month!

One of the added benefits of branding your company with Pristine Screens products is that not only your customers see your brand every day, but also their friends and associates. That kind of brand exposure is hard to come by with any other product.

To promote your business with our custom branded cell phone screen cleaners, call 800-540-5971 today or contact Pristine Screens for your free sample pack.

We provide free digital proofs and competitive pricing!