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Pristine Screens Business Promotion Products

Pristine Screen’s has a great solution for your business promotion items. Whatever your promotion needs are, having a customizable branded product sets you apart from your competition.

Branded Phone Stickers

Sticky Cleans are a trendy new business promotional item that provides both function and visual branding. 

It’s a microfiber cloth reusable sticker that adheres to the back of any phone or tablet and easily peels off to wipe away smudges, dirt, or fingertips from your phone screen. Once you are done wiping you can stick it right back on the phone!

Corporate Promotion Products for Modern Times

The average American checks their cellphone 80 times per day. That’s once every 12 minutes. With cell phones being such an integrated part of our daily lives, it only makes sense to advertise with them as well. Sticky Cleans provide such a advantage, especially when it comes to corporate promotional products because not only do they provide function as a screen cleaner they’re also visually appealing to everyone who sees your phone 80 times a day. They’re not only a business promotional item they’re also a phone accessory that serves as a walking billboard for your business. Like a decorative sticker for you phone only better because they’re not permanent and they provide a function. 

Unlike other corporate promotional merchandise Sticky Cleans can be used instantly. Instead of the old tired way to promote yourself or your business via some business card – of which 88% of all printed business cards are thrown away by clients – Sticky Cleans once they’re handed out can be placed immediately on the back of a client’s phone. Also, because sticky cleans can come attached to a custom card (business, postcard, or flyer) you won’t have to miss out on providing information unlike with a pen or water bottle. They’re easy to hand out because they’re not bulky and can be easily transported because they’re made for mobile devices.


They’re not just some run of the mill throwaway corporate promotional product. They’re useful, memorable, and a great conversation piece as well. When a client sees a Sticky Clean on the back of a phone they’re immediately drawn to it. It’s a great way to start a conversation with a stranger all while adding the value of keeping your screen clean! They’re unique in a way that no other corporate promotional merchandise is because they’re always accessible and eye-catching.


How to request info/buy?

Sitcky Cleans unlike other corporate promotional merchandise are completely customizable. Even down to the shape! Need one shaped like house for your booming real estate company? That can be made! A cloud shaped one to take your business to new heights or a heart shaped one to share the love of your services? We’ve got it! We even make large sticky cleans that can attach to tablets or smaller ones known as Privacy Cleans that cover up your camera’s phone for added security. Packaging is also customizable. Want to spruce up your business card? Have it made by us with a Sticky Clean attached! Want a gift tag or a business brochure that comes with a little something extra? Add a sticky clean! 

Please contact our marketing consultants for various shapes, sizes, and packaging options.