A Screen Cleaner That's Also a Sticker? Brilliant!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Have you ever seen a brilliant advertising campaign that really stuck with you? It happened to me recently. The concept was simple: sit at a table with a group of young kids and ask them a series of obvious questions, then structure a commercial around their responses. Sounds easy enough, right?    Read More . . .

Stick it, Peel it, Pristine it with an Adhesive Screen Cleaner from Pristine Screens

Friday, March 22, 2013

How many electronic items are in the average American home right now? Your list may look something like this:    Read More . . .

The Top 3 Reasons to Clean Electronic Devices Using Microfiber Cloth

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How do you feel when you look at your electronics and see those horrible smudges? Almost as disgusted as when other people see them?  Debris and dirt are a part of life, but they don't have to be a part of your electronics.  While there are many different products out there that claim to be the best at keeping your electronic devices looking like new, none of them can stand up to microfiber.  

Microfiber works the best at keeping your electronic screens clean.  It is the most gentle and most effective material to use on your screens.  Here are a few reasons why you should choose a
clean microfiber cloth for your electronic screens.  

Avoid Getting Sick

How often do you allow other people to touch your cell phone or tablet?  While it might not be often, most of us are guilty of passing our phones or other electronics off to someone else who needs to use them. Sometimes those people are strangers.  Germs, and the passing of sickness, are present within a person's body, even if they show no symptoms of being sick.  However, it doesn't take touching your devices for them to acquire germs. Airborne particles can land on them when someone coughs or sneezes near you and infect your device, thereby infecting you.  Using a
clean microfiber cloth to keep your device protected on a regular basis will help you remain healthy.  The germs are trapped in the cloth, not pushed around on your screen like other types of cleaners.

Keep It Looking New

It can be embarrassing when you show your new phone or tablet to a friend and it's covered with smudges.  These days, we rely heavily on our electronics, so we use them all the time.  That means dirt and smudges happen all the time.  When you give your device a quick wipe-down each day, you'll restore that look it had when you first bought it.  No more embarrassment over your dirty screen!  In fact, you'll probably have friends asking you how you've kept it looking great for so long.

   Read More . . .

Use an iPhone Cleaner Sticker When you Need it, Adhere it to Your Device When You Don't!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

If you're like many of us, you're probably attached to your iPhone.  It's more than just a phone, isn't it?  It's your lifeline!  It holds your pictures, your schedule, your favorite games, and so much more.  With so much use, it doesn't take long for your iPhone to get smudges on the screen.  Those smudges are pretty irritating, and it's difficult to find something that will make your iPhone look like new again.  At Pristine Screens we understand your frustration, because we feel the same way about our phones. That's why we've developed the iPhone cleaner sticker.  

Choose the Best - Choose Microfiber

Microfiber is, by far, the best material to use when cleaning your iPhone.  It does a much more thorough job than cotton could ever do, because of how it's made.  Microfiber actually has the same surface area of a piece of cotton four times its size.  Other materials don't really remove dirt, grime and germs from your iPhone screen.  Instead, they push them around until they appear to be gone.  Microfiber is different because it has a negative electrostatic charge.  That means it attracts dirt and germs, effectively ridding your iPhone screen of "daily dirties."  

The Convenience of the iPhone Cleaner Sticker

iPhone cleaner sticker is a very convenient way to ensure that you have a healthy and easy way to clean your iPhone at all times.  Instead of carrying around a cloth with you (which you might forget from time to time), the sticker can be attached to the back of your iPhone when you're not using it, and readily available when you need it.  

Our cleaner stickers will never lose their stickiness.  The sticky side is made of a special type of silicon, and it will stay sticky, no matter how many times you use it.  It will also never leave any residue behind. Each time you peel it off, it will come off clean and be ready to use.  

We've found that our customers have a range of styles, so we've made our stickers with many different decorative designs, to suit your tastes.  They come in a range of colors and patterns, so you're sure to find one you like.  Your sticky cleaner can be a unique decorative addition to your iPhone.  You might get a lot of compliments on it, especially once people realize how well it cleans your iPhone screen.

At Pristine Screens, we're confident that you'll fall in love with our microfiber screen cleaners.  Yours will become an accessory to your phone that you rely on.  In fact, you might want to get one for all of your electronic devices, as well as for your laptop computer.  You can never be too careful with germs, dirt and bacteria.  Your iPhone cleaner sticker ensures that all of your screens are cleaned the right way, just like they looked when they came out of the box.

For more information about our Pristine products, contact us today!
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Practice "Top of Mind" Marketing with a Sticky Screen Cleaner

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Do you know how many pieces of advertising the average person is exposed to per day? According to a recent marketing study, the answer is 5,000 - 5,000 advertisements per day.  That is over 200 advertisements an hour. We are saturated with marketing. That fact translates to one harsh truth: consumers are blocking out advertisements. You can either look at this statement as the end of marketing as we know it, or you can see it as an opportunity.   Read More . . .

Phone Screen Cleaner a Decade-Defining Product

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Is it just me or do Americans seem addicted to multi-purpose products? You can rewind to the retro double-sided ice scrapers and brushes or fast forward to the cell phone that doubles as an iPod; same concept, different application. Chances are no matter how far back you go, you’ll find a multi-purpose product that defines that particular decade. Why? In a word: efficiency. Americans love the convenience of an efficient product that saves both time and money.    Read More . . .

Maintain Your Professional Image By Cleaning Your Laptop Screen

Friday, February 22, 2013

Has this ever happened to you:  

You walk into a coffee shop or even a conference room for an important client meeting?  You've been looking forward to the meeting for weeks.  Your presentation is fully prepared.  You have everything you need, and the client seems really excited about talking to you. The introductions go really well and you sit down to begin your presentation, which you've prepared on your laptop.  With great anticipation, the client watches you open your laptop, only to see smudges all over the screen.  Fingerprints, dirt, grime...and is that a splash of coffee from earlier this morning?  Immediately your face turns red as you glance at the client.  They look a little disgusted at the condition of your computer screen.  This meeting would have gone much differently if you had arrived with a
clean laptop screen.  

Avoid Embarrassment With A Clean Laptop Screen

That scenario is pretty embarrassing, isn't it?  No one wants to be caught in that type of situation.  Not only are you causing an immediate distraction for your client, who was really excited to view your presentation a few minutes ago, but you're also smudging your professional image.  The equipment you use at your job should be as polished as your company's image, especially in the eyes of your clients or customers.  At Pristine Screens, we can help you avoid embarrassing moments like this one.

Use Pristine Screens Products For Cleaning Laptop Screens

Imagine this scenario unfolding a few other ways.  What if you had a microfiber cleaning cloth that you used right before you left your office?  When you arrived at the meeting, your laptop would already be in great condition, and you'd be ready to give your presentation. Or, perhaps you cleaned the screen right before you left, but there were some dust particles in your laptop bag.  When you opened your laptop, your fingers left a few fingerprints on the screen.  However, because you have your Pristine Screens Sticky Screen Cleaner adhered to your laptop (with your company logo on it, of course), cleaning your screen before you start your presentation is simple. The client is very impressed with your attention to detail, as well as with your screen cleaner.  

At Pristine Screens, we want you to avoid those embarrassing situations.  It's important to always present your clients with
 a professional image.  Our microfiber travel cloths are great for tucking in your laptop bag to ensure that your screen   Read More . . .

Avoid The Flu With A Clean Cell Phone Screen

Monday, February 18, 2013

This year, we've seen the worst flu season in six years.  In fact, because of the type of flu strain that seems to have reached near-epidemic status, of those who received a flu vaccine, only six out of ten will avoid getting the flu.  The good news is if you do get the vaccine and still contract the flu, your symptoms are said to be much milder.  Even so, no one wants to be down and out for a week to ten days with this type of illness, so it's important to protect yourself as much as you can.  That means frequently washing your hands, avoiding touching your face as much as possible, and taking extra precautions to clean the air and surfaces you come in contact with on a regular basis.  That includes using anti-bacterial wipes on your desk and phone at work, and making sure you have a clean cell phone screen, too.

How Do You Get The Flu?

Experts believe that you get the flu by coming into contact with someone who has the flu.  If that person sneezes or coughs, the germs travel through the air and the droplets land in your nose or mouth.  However, those airborne water droplets can also land on the surfaces around you.  That makes it really easy to get sick with the virus.  The statistics demonstrate a need for additional precautions to be taken, including cleaning things you touch regularly, like your cell phone.

Maintain A Clean Cell Phone Screen

During flu season, you might want to avoid allowing a stranger or even a friend to use your cell phone.  However, that simple action isn't going to keep your cell phone free from any particles that might be in the air.  Pristine Screens makes it easy for you to
make sure you have a clean cell phone screen during flu season with our screen cleaners.  You can choose between our Pristine Travel Cloths, which can be kept right in your purse, pocket, or a drawer in your desk, and our Pristine Sticky Screen Cleaners, which adhere to the back of your phone for easy access.  

Our Pristine Travel Cloths can be tossed into your washing machine periodically to ensure that they stay clean.  Simply wash with like materials, and avoid bleach, fabric softeners and dryer sheets for the best results.  Pristine Sticky Screen Cleaners are an easy alternative, and they come in a variety of designs.  

Think about how often you use your cell phone during the day, touching it to your face and hands.  Even if you set it down on a table, or leave it in your open purse, airborne germs can come into contact with it.  Microfiber is the best choice for cleaning your cell phone because it uses an electrical charge to attract and remove particles, dirt and germs.  

This flu season, use every advantage you can think of to stay well.  To get your Pristine Screens cleaning cloths or cleaning stickers, contact us today!   Read More . . .

Cleaning Cloths On One Side, Cell Phone Stickers On The Other

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cell phones are everywhere. From chain stores to mall kiosks; selling mobile products has become a niche market all its own. Distributors and service providers are dedicated, if not a little obsessed, with finding you the “perfect” cell phone plan.   Read More . . .

Sticky Screen Wipes Remove Dirt & Dust From Your Most Treasured Electronic Devices

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Anticipation is one thing that carries over from the holiday season. It’s in the air on Christmas Eve and lingers into the New Year. As the last notes of Old Lang Synge fade away, we take down the Christmas decorations and gear up for life after January 1st. The holidays may have come and gone, but there’s still fun to be had; especially if you got a hot new tech device over the holidays.   Read More . . .

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