How Dirty Is Your Cell Phone?

Pristine Screens - Thursday, January 29, 2015

In a recent report by KFOX 14 News in Texas, several cell phones and their owners' hands were lab tested to see exactly what kind of germs are lurking on these devices that we all use all day, every day. The results may surprise you.

When and Where Do You Use Your Phone?

Many people take their phone everywhere they go. This includes restaurants, work, shopping, driving and even to the bathroom. Three quarters of Americans use their cell phones in the bathroom -that includes 91 percent of Generation Y and 80 percent of Generation X.

What Is Lurking on Your Phone?

In the informal study conducted by KFOX 14 News, the surface of  five different cell phones was sampled. Microbiologists let the samples incubate for seven days. They found bacteria, yeast, and mold on the cell phone screens. The substances found are those that are typically found on skin if you don't wash your hands.

Watch the video for the in-depth report. 

Microbiologists from the lab said that although what they found were common organisms, if you are exposed to high counts of bacteria and mold on your phone by holding it to your face and breathing it in, it could make you sick.

A lot of the same organisms that were found on the phones were also found on the participants' hands. Taking the phone to the bathroom with you, as so many people do, is just another way to collect bacteria and organisms that you don't want to breathe in next time you take a call.

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