4 Ways to Turn a Sales Pitch Into a Connection

Pristine Screens - Thursday, October 24, 2013

Whether it’s an effective cell phone screen cleaner or a service that the client does indeed need, presentation is everything.  But the "sales pitch" doesn't work nearly so well, as potential buyers have become far more skilled at the art of deflection. It may come as a surprise, but one of the best tactics to selling something is, well, not to sell it.  By turning that pitch into a real connection with a potential client, you can take an opportunity to learn about him or her by reading publications, listening to interviews and exploring his or her company doings.  Forget that tired old sales script and try a few new ways of engaging potential clients.


  1. 1. Make a connection, not a pitch.  In sales, it can be all too tempting to jump in with the product or service you are selling first, sharing all the amazing things it (and you) can do.   If you do your research, you’ll come to realize your first move should be to engage with your client on a topic that already matters to them.  This "hook" can distract from the already rehearsed rejection and actually catch attention.  Focus on the buyer rather than yourself, so that they can focus on what you can actually do for them.
  3. 2. Know your audience.  In order to have a conversation that is engaging, you should have done some research regarding your buyer to know what is going on with his or her business.  Show you are aware of challenges that could be upcoming and have insight into specifics that will come with those challenges. If you are knowledgeable you will be a far more interesting person to talk with, not someone to avoid.
  5. 3. Ask for their opinion.  Just knowing the issues isn’t enough – consider that he or she may already have a plan in mind to solve the problems.  Be an attentive sounding board for the solutions and respect the validity and experience behind what they have come up with. Don't interrupt or fault find, just listen.
  6. 4. Suggest options. When you have been involved in a conversation, then you can share your solution to their problem, preferably after you have been asked.  Provide your product as the best solution and explain why that is, but don’t undo all your hard work by pushing it as the only way!  By briefly acknowledging other choices, you show yourself to be knowledgeable and as objective as possible, interested in helping and not just closing.


Knowing well the off-putting ways some in sales choose to peddle their products, Pristine Screens has found a better way.  We prefer to focus on building relationships with clients and potential clients, using all of these tips to introduce many to our cell phone screen cleaner. Our confidence in our product means nothing if we can't be convincing and courteous in our presentation, so join us in changing sales from the interrupting bane of dinnertime to real future possibilities.

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