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Pristine Screens Sticky Screen Cleaner

These screen cleaner stickers actually stick and these actually clean.

Want to stand out from the crowd and be a walking advertisement for your business? Check out what Pristine Screens has to offer! We provide high quality microfiber cell phone screen cleaner stickers that stick to the back of many of different devices such as phones, laptops, tablets, and computers. Cleaning screens is now made easy thanks to our promotional screen cleaner stickers. Simply peel off the high quality stick on screen cleaner that is personalized with your specific logo, pristine your screen, and then the sticker goes right back in its place; on the back of your mobile device for thousands to see. 

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Need ideas? Download our shapes and sizes chart below.
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Do you want a personalized way to advertise your business? Pristine Screens provides microfiber screen cleaners branded with your specific logo for thousands to see. These cleaners are made with high quality microfiber, so you can expect the best quality when it comes to these screen cleaners. We also provide designed business cards to go along with your custom screen wipe. Needing to order on a wholesale level? No problem! We happily have you covered with bulk orders.

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What You Can Expect From Pristine Screens 

All around, the best in customer service!

- Lightning fast customer service & delivery of your product!

- Excellent prices!

- Premium quality materials!

- U.S. based company with servicing to Canada & other international destinations!

- Iron clad guarantee!

- Highly creative & capable in house graphics team!

- Extremely easy 3 step ordering process!

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Why Promotional Phone Stickers?

Stick on Screen cleaners have staying power and high visibility!

By the end of 2013, there will be 1.4 billion smartphones in use worldwide! ~ABI research through VentureBeat

Today there is no better piece of advertising or marketing real estate that on the back of a mobile device. Custom Pristine Sticky Cleans™ allow your current and potential clients to see your logo every time they pull out their cell phone. Increase your employee and customer loyalty while creating brand recognition for your company!

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Ordering Custom Products from Pristine Screens is EASY! 

Check out our video to find out more!

1.  Email us your logo - if you have specific design ideas in mind let us know. Otherwise, leave it to our creative design team!

2.  Receive your FREE digital mock-up - your dedicated graphic designer will work with you 1-on-1 to determine a perfect size and design for your order. UNLIMITED REVISIONS!

3.  Finalize your order - decide your quantity and let our production team begin work on your order!

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What Packaging Options are Available?

Show off your cell phone screen cleaner stickers with Marketing cards!

We have three packaging options available for your personalized sticky screen cleaners.

1. Individually wrapped in a FREE poly bag.

2. Stuck to a custom paper card that our designers can create for you. Each paper card with cleaner will be individually wrapped in a poly bag.

3. Stuck to our FREE paper card which will have instructions showing your clients how to use your sticky cleaner wipe. Each will be individually wrapped in a poly bag.

4. Have a creative idea for us? Just ask and we will try our best to accommodate! 

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One of the Most Effective Ways to Stay in Front of Current Customers & Get in Front of New Ones is to Utilize the Real Estate on the Back of Mobile Devices. Pristine Screens Now Offers Custom Branding on ALL of Our Screen Cleaners!

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Get sticker screen cleaner pricingGet sticker screen cleaner samplesget free proofs with logo

Screen Cleaner Stickers For Cell Phones Custom Promotional Microfiber

Pristine Screens custom microfiber screen cleaners are a fully customizable promotional product screen cleaner. You can use these as swag handouts at trade shows, events, giveaways, greeting cards, thank you cards and other promo marketing and advertising needs. We can print your Logo and branding to any of our screen cleaner stickers so they will be fully personalized for your company. You can get these screen cleaner stickers in any size, mini, small, medium, large or a custom size. These microfiber adhesive screen cleaners are sticky and stick on and stick to any cell phones, smart phones tablets, computers, laptops, camera lenses, portable electronic devices, accessories and other mobile devices. They work better than static types that cling. They clean fingerprints off of screens and lenses. Just swipe and wipe off the touch screens. You can clean and buff the micro germs off of any screen. Cleaning this product is easy, they are washable and reusable. Our custom digital screen cleaners are made with the best quality materials available. Contact us today for samples, pricing and digital proofs. Average price is $0.98/unit but depends on size and quantity ordered. Please inquire for a personalized quote. In Stock and available to order now!

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Pristine Screens has been helping people with their marketing needs since 2011. If you have any questions or want help with your microfiber screen cleaner marketing plan don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help!

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