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Think Outside the Marketing Box: 3 Quick, New Ideas for 2016

The holidays are upon us again. It’s the time of year for good cheer and some creative marketing ideas to end your year right.

If you’ve been in a marketing slump through the fall, try a few new and interesting ways to get a little more business for your small business:

  1. Create a personalized calendar to gift your clients. You can include inspirational quotes or advice for each month.
  2. Give your customers a small gift of appreciation, like a customized sticky screen cleaner.
  3. Offer gift cards to give customers more flexibility for gifts. Be sure to place them near your checkout to encourage impulse buys.
  4. Take clients to a more personal lunch or brunch instead of throwing a larger, impersonal holiday party.
  5. Host a day with Santa at your business where you provide free photos with the jolly old man.
  6. Give holiday shoppers a free shoulder massage by hiring a masseuse for a few hours.
  7. Partner with other local businesses to give a package of coupons in each shopping bag.
  8. Sponsor a local event. This time of year many run clubs and other organizations hold holiday runs or New Year’s Day resolution runs or other events. Pick one you enjoy and sponsor it to get your name out.
  9. Pair with a local charity. Schedule an event where you and your staff volunteer with the organization. Offer discounts to your customers who volunteer their time with the same organization.
  10. Hold a customer appreciation sale during hours when you are normally closed to show your customers how much you appreciate their loyalty. Create a special invitation and think about giving them door prizes and small gifts for patronizing your business.  

At Pristine Screens, we can help you expand your marketing reach this holiday season with custom-branded sticky screen cleaners or with custom cleaning cloths. Give your customers this small token of appreciation, which serves as both a useful tool to clean the screens of their devices and a platform to grow the reach of your marketing message. Call us today at (800) 540-5971 or fill out our sample request form to get started on your customized screen cleaners. Our customers get FREE digital proofs, DISCOUNTED bulk pricing, and lightning FAST delivery.

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