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How to Find the Best Advertising Space for Your Business

Advertising in the right place is just as important as what you have to say in your ads. You probably spend a lot of time finessing your marketing material to convey just the right message, but how much time have you spent analyzing where to broaden the reach of your marketing efforts?


To find the best space for your marketing message, think about where your customers are:

  • What do your customers do for a living?
  • What do your customers do for fun?
  • What TV shows do your customers watch?
  • What radio stations do your customers listen to?
  • Do your customers read news in a paper or online?
  • What websites do your customers frequently visit?
  • What kind of giveaway would your customer remember you by?

In selecting advertising space, it’s important to get your message to the places where your potential customers are likely to be.


Sometimes this requires thinking outside the box.

Traditionally, marketing efforts focus on the same old marketing channels, such as TV, radio, and print. To keep up with modern marketing trends, you have to think beyond what’s worked in the past, and look for new ways to get your message broadcast to the most potential customers.


At Pristine Screens, we help businesses get their message out to the widest audience possible. With customized sticky screen cleaners, you can reach more people than you can with other forms of advertising, simply because your message will be attached to the back of your customers’ phones and tablets.

These easy-to-use microfiber screen cleaners serve the dual purpose of carrying your marketing message and being useful for your potential customers. Everyone needs to clean the dirty smudges off their phone. Our products adhere to the back of their phone, so they are always available when needed and always advertising for you!

Call us today at (800) 540-5971 or fill out our sample request form to see how convenient and useful our products will be for your business contacts.

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