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How do microfiber cleaning cloths work?

How do microfiber cleaning cloths work?

You’ve undoubtedly heard about microfiber cleaning cloths. They seem to be one of the only ways to keep your cell phone and tablet clean without ruining the screen with abrasive chemicals and wipes. But have you wondered why microfiber cloths work so well?

Smaller Is Better!

This is one case where smaller really is better. The small fibers in microfiber cloth do a better job of cleaning away dirt and grime. The reason is that the tiny microfibers can attach themselves to tiny particles of dirt. It’s really that simple.

Larger cloth fibers will brush right over these smaller particles because they simply can’t pick them up. Ever drop your keys between the seats in your car and need to enlist some tiny kid-sized hands to retrieve them?

It’s the same principle. Microfibers can get into those small spaces and grab the small dust and dirt particles that other cloths leave behind. 

Use the Force

The dust particles are attracted to the fibers by forces of attraction called van der Waals forces, named after their discoverer Johannes Diderik van der Waals, a Nobel-prize winning Dutch chemist. 

The van der Waals forces are the same reason geckos can attach themselves to a ceiling, zillions of tiny hairs. Microfibers work in the same way. Millions of microfibers in a cloth use their combined van der Waals forces to pick up the dirt, dust, and other gross stuff you don’t want on your phone screen.

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