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How to Build Brand Buzz at Tradeshows with Giveaways

It’s a new year with another lineup of tradeshows probably already on your calendar. This is the year to try something new to promote your brand. Find a way to stand out among the lines of exhibitors at tradeshows by creating buzz with your tradeshow giveaways.


  • Create buzz pre-show. Pre-show mailing with branded products, like magnets, sticky notes or sticky phone cleaners can let attendees know to look for you at the tradeshow. Even if you are just sending a pre-show email, let attendees know where to find your booth and what they can expect as a freebie when they stop by.
  • Reflect your brand. Choose branded giveaways that show attendees (your potential clients and customers) what your brand stands for: quality!
  • Be useful and unique. You want attendees to use your giveaway so it must be useful. But you also want attendees to want your giveaway. That’s what creates the buzz around your table. Find a product that will have them telling their friends about it, and you will see your traffic multiple.
  • Choose long-lasting products. Attendees should be able to take your product home and use it daily without it falling apart. This goes hand in hand with choosing a quality product to represent your brand.
  • Connect with the audience. Think about who you are attempting to connect with. Is it a health care crowd, a tech crowd, a room full of teachers? What would they find useful?


At Pristine Screens, we make tradeshow giveaways a breeze. Our sticky screen cleaners are designed to create the buzz you want.

Made from high quality microfiber material, custom-branded sticky cleaners can be reused hundreds to thousands of times by your potential clients and customers. They are just the unique and useful tradeshow giveaway you need.

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