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Using Custom Branded Microfiber Phone Cleaners to Strengthen Customer Loyalty

In our busy modern society one of the toughest jobs of a marketer is to capture and keep your customers’ attention. There are so many competing mediums, it can be difficult to stand out among the crowd and keep your brand in the forefront of your customers’ minds. That’s where custom branded microfiber phone cleaners can give your business an edge.


Think about how many times you have called a business because they were the one that came to mind. Was it because you used their services or products before? Was it because you had seen their brand repeatedly and grown to trust the business brand through repeated exposure?

If you are like most Americans, the more you are exposed to a brand, the more you start to trust them even if you’ve had no personal experience with them.

One of the best ways to increase your brand exposure and start nurturing your customer loyalty is to ensure that your brand is seen as often as possible.

The custom branded microfiber phone cleaners at Pristine Screens allow you to do just that. Because the sticky cleaners attach directly to the back of your customers’ phones or tablets and allow them to wipe away annoying dirt and grime, these promotional products guarantee:

  • Increased repetition of brand exposure to your customers and their friends and associates
  • Reflection of the high quality and standards of your business with our microfiber cleaners
  • Customer appreciation for providing an easy and effective solution to their everyday problem of too many filthy smudges on their touchscreens


To get your free sample and see for yourself how useful microfiber phone cleaners can be for your customers and your brand, call us today at 800-540-5971 or contact Pristine Screens.

Take advantage of our free digital proofs and lightning fast delivery!

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