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10 Ways to Stave Off End of Year Boredom and Stay Productive

Year’s end brings with it a great many parties, moments of celebration and much excitement, and while no one is about to complain about the seasonal merriment, it can make focusing rather more of a challenge than normal.

As you surely are, Pristine Screens is dedicated to keeping employees focused and encouraged through year’s end. Through the development of current products like promotional screen wipes, as well as innovation of new products, our employees are set to exceed company goals by the end of 2013, but that hasn’t stopped us from thinking up a few ways to stave off boredom and encourage focus on essential business tasks at hand. After all, there are requests to be fulfilled and deadlines to be met even amidst the celebrations of the seasons.  Both of which are more readily done with focus and engagement.

A sprinkle of the following may just help instill the spice of life into the everyday routine at your office.

Emulate your heroes

We all have role models, and chances are we all look up to leaders within our field or industry. Ask yourself who you look up to, and why, then try to instill some of what makes them your ideal into your workplace. After all, the best among us get to be the best because they are never content and always striving to improve.

Show your co-workers kindness, randomly and unexpectedly

It’s been said many times that performing acts of kindness enriches our own lives, and that holds true in the business world as well as in the real world. Showering your co-workers with random acts of kindness from time-to-time will brighten your day as much as theirs.

Share your skills with a colleague

Over time we all pick up little tricks or make innovations in the way we work that make our lives a bit easier. Every now and then take a few minutes to share your latest discovery with a colleague who will benefit in time saved and frustration waylaid. Chances are, your colleagues will return the favor and share alike when they pick up a new skill or trick.

Bring in something cheerful

Treat yourself and your colleagues to a fun bit of decor, a tasty snack or something else fun and festive you can enjoy together. (Speaking of, it’s worth noting our promotional screen wipes are fun and useful!)

Organize a special lunch

Delighting in free food is not a habit likely to leave any of us after our college days; it’s simply that the opportunities to revel in gratis grub grow fewer and farther between when we enter the workforce. Arrange to have lunch brought in for your team, or take them out for a company sponsored meal and some quality time.

Allow yourself to daydream

While it probably doesn’t behoove most of us to wistfully dream willy-nilly at work, many of today’s greatest innovators and business leaders sing the praises of freeing up their thinking. Let your mind wander with purpose, ponder your business and see what shakes loose.

Throw a unique office party

Sometimes the best way to maintain focus over a long period of time is to indulge in the complete abandonment of focus for a short period of time. Every office has a unique culture all its own, so rather than throwing a cookie cutter end of year party, cook up a celebration that will suit your company perfectly.

Make a suggestion

Ideas never become reality unless they are voiced and shared.  Share a suggestion with your team, trust them as your sounding board and see what contributions they have that can make your idea an even better action for the company.

Kick it old school with an ice cream social

Say it with us: “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.” Ice cream is delicious and fun; treat your team to a cool treat and some bonding time.

Commit to doing something bold

The New Year is widely considered a time for new action. Whether as a business, or as an individual in your business, commit to trying something big and bold in 2014. Encourage your employees to think bold as well, and pursue it, within reason of course.

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